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  • Hey there!

  • Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko!

  • I know it's been a minute, I'm sorry!

  • This the show where I answer your questions about your world and my world!

  • Let's get started with our first question!

  • Presley asks #dearblocko Why do people have anxiety, more

  • specifically social anxiety?

  • Well, people get social anxiety in response to social situations, whether that's a situation

  • itself or the thought of one.

  • While it's common to have social anxiety in some situations, if you have persistent

  • feelings that keep you from doing things that you want or need to do, it may be a sign of

  • Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as Social Phobia.

  • Social Anxiety Disorder is a mental health condition where a person experiences a significant,

  • persistent fear of being watched or judged by others.

  • This can affect a person's day-to-day activities, making it hard for them to perform at school

  • or work, or keep them from making new friends.

  • But experiencing social anxiety or having a social anxiety disorder doesn't always

  • have to stop you from doing things.

  • With the right treatment, people can overcome the symptoms of social anxiety.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a type of psychotherapy, has shown some pretty promising

  • results.

  • It can help you learn different ways of thinking and reacting to situations while giving you

  • a venue to practice your social skills.

  • SMR asks #dearblocko Why do we hear our voice differently

  • in our head vs when it's recorded?

  • Well, for you humans, a lot of this strange phenomenon has to do with your bones and what's

  • inside your headlike physically.

  • You see, when you normally hear your own voice, you're actually hearing a combination of

  • both the external sound waves that enter your earwhich is what other people hearas

  • well as the vibrations inside your body.

  • For the latter, when you speak, vibrations from your vocal cords resonate in your skull

  • and get conducted by your bones, providing another source of stimulation for your ears.

  • But this pathway alters the sound, as your bones enhance deeper, lower-frequency vibrations,

  • essentially giving your voice a bass boost.

  • So, when you listen to a recording of your voice it'll sound higher and a bit different

  • than it normally does, because, it is!

  • And now it's time for questions about me and my world!

  • Share Love #dearblocko What would happen if someone hacks

  • the computer you live in?

  • Well, I hope you don't plan on doing that!

  • But if someone did hack my computer, they could cause a lot of problems.

  • Everything would start changing.

  • They could change my world.

  • They could change my voice They could even change….my friends!

  • AHHH I don't wanna think about that anymore.

  • Stop the visualization!

  • I'm lucky that my animator protects me!

  • Please

  • Please keep protecting me!

  • So do you have any questions about your world or my world?

  • Let me know in the comment section below and make sure you use the hashtag #DEARBLOCKO

  • so I can find it.

  • Wanna watch even more Dear Blocko?

  • Check out this video!

  • As always my name is Blocko!

  • This has been Life Noggin!

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking.

Hey there!


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