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  • Lesson 14

  • Amber and Ted heat up the kitchen

  • Amber and Ted are in the kitchen baking cookies.

  • Amber ask Ted to give her a kiss,

  • but Ted tells her he's too busy.

  • Then he feels guilty and goes to her.

  • But suddenly,

  • they're not alone!

  • Ted,

  • When I met you,

  • it was love at first sight.

  • I was nuts about you from the beginning too, Amber.

  • Don't forget, I broke up with that girl Tiffany after I met you.

  • Come here and give me a kiss .

  • Give me a break,

  • Amber! We don't have time for that now.

  • We need to crank out these cookies.

  • You don't really love me ,do you?

  • Amber, I'm head over heels in love with you .

  • But it's crunch time with these cookies.

  • Cookies cookies cookies~

  • You've got a one-track mind.

  • He loves cookies yeah-yeah-yeah...

  • Amber, I need to keep working ,

  • but you can take a break if you want.

  • No I'll keep plugging away....

  • I'm just your cookies slave.

  • Go ahead

  • treat me like dirt!

  • Sorry, Amber.

  • Come here and let me give you a quick kiss.

  • Hey, what's going on in here ?

  • Are you two making cookies or making out?

Lesson 14


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B2 中高級 美國腔

說一口美語14(14 Lesson 14 Amber And Ted Heat Up The Kitchen)

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