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  • The Pepper Lunch Diner at Ueno Station in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Pepper Lunch is one of my favorite restaurants in Japan, and this is a upscale version of it, with sit-down table service.

  • They have the standard Pepper Lunch items of beef pepper ricemy favorite.

  • They've also got more higher-end steaks, as well as other Western things, like prosciutto, mussels, and french fries.

  • They also serve wine, so you can get some alcohol with your steak.

  • This location is located right outside Ueno Station, and, in fact, you can see here, that's the Ueno Station Shinobazu entrance.

  • This is on the second floor of the building, right across from that entrance.

  • When you sit down, they put three things on your table.

  • They put a glass of water, they put a wet napkin, and they put a bib.

  • It's a good idea to put the bib on so you don't get all the grease from the steak on your shirt.

  • What they also have here, in addition to the miso soup at most Pepper Lunch locations, they have corn potage.

  • Uh, I really like corn soup when I come to Japan.

  • The corn potage comes in this little cup; it's really tasty.

  • And, uh, I ordered the extraplenty of beefpepper rice; large size with extra rice.

  • When they bring it to your table, it's on a hot cast-iron dish, and it's sizzling.

  • They give you a spoon, you use your spoon to stir it up and cook the meat.

  • Once the meat's done, then you stir up the rice, stir it all together, and it's ready to eat.

  • Well, now, that looks pretty delicious; let me show you some of the interesting things on the table.

  • They've got utensilsknives, forkssalad dressing; behind the salad dressings, they've got two sauces.

  • This one right here is my favorite; it's got a really strong garlicky taste.

  • I put that on my stuff just like it's gravy.

  • Of course, it's Pepper Lunch, so you'll find a pepper shaker and salt.

  • Just in front of these little dishes, there's a little minced garlic container, which, you should definitely add some of that on your pepper lunch.

  • Behind the garlic, there's wasabi and mustard, Tabasco, steak sauce, toothpicks, and napkins.

  • The other nice touch about the Pepper Lunch Diner is, all of the chefs in the back, they wear white chefs' outfits, including tall white chefs' hats.

  • And now, my beef pepper rice is all done cooking; look at that, doesn't it look delicious?

  • Well, let me tell you, it is. So if you're in Tokyo near Ueno Station, make sure to check out the Pepper Lunch Diner.

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The Pepper Lunch Diner at Ueno Station in Tokyo, Japan.


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Pepper Lunch Diner Ueno Station Tokyo(Pepper Lunch Diner Ueno Station Tokyo)

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