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  • How to hide an unwanted erection in school. It's great to know the thing is working,

    在學校要如何遮住不該搭帳篷的褲檔呢 ? 知道自己那話兒還能運作固然是好

  • but getting an erection in school can be really embarrassing. You will need an oversized shirt,


  • sweatshirt, or t-shirt; a book bag with long straps and baggy jeans or khakis.

    汗衫或 T 恤。再來是長肩帶的書包,和垮垮的牛仔褲或卡其褲

  • Step 1 : If erections in school have become a daily problem, buy long buttoned shirts that you

    第一招 : 如果你每天被搭帳篷所苦,穿件長擺的鈕扣上衣

  • can wear outside your jeans, or wear oversized sweatshirts and tees.

    好遮住牛仔褲,或者是穿件寬鬆的汗衫或 T 恤

  • Step 2. Always have a book bag with extra long straps with youone that won’t look odd when it’s slung over


  • one shoulder so it hangs down low in front. This will be a lifesaver when class ends and


  • you have to jump out of your seat. Step 3. Wear baggy jeans or khakis. When your little


  • buddy jumps to attention at an inopportune time, you can slip your hands in your pockets


  • and casually push the pants material away from your groin, making the bulge less noticeable.


  • Ejaculating more often can solve a spontaneous erection problem. Step 4. Once you've done


  • your best to camouflage the problem, it's time to get rid of it altogether.


  • Doing a complicated math problem in your head often works, since it forces you to focus on something else.


  • Step 5. Tense your quadricepsthe muscles in front of your legs. This redirects


  • the blood flow away from Mr. Happy, taking the wind out of his sails, so to speak.


  • Step 6. Now pinch yourselfnot in anaren’t I lucky?” kind of way but to bring tears to your eyes.


  • The pain should do the trick. Step 7. If all else fails, walk around on the heels of your feet.

    這樣的痛處反而可以幫助你。第七招,以上都行不通嗎 ? 那麼,試試用後腳跟走路吧 !

  • This has worked for many a hormonally charged young man.


  • And if it doesn’t, youll look so dorky that no one will notice your budding manhood. Did


  • you know the average length of an erected penis is 5.1 inches.

    你知道嗎?陰莖勃起後的平均長度為 5.1 吋

How to hide an unwanted erection in school. It's great to know the thing is working,

在學校要如何遮住不該搭帳篷的褲檔呢 ? 知道自己那話兒還能運作固然是好


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