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  • Two days into the week, we're happy you're taking ten minutes to watch our show; I'm Carl Azuz.

    今天是週二,很高興你願意花 10 分鐘的時間來觀看我們的節目;我是 Carl Azuz。

  • Across the Pacific, the nation of North Korea is making a statement with cruise missiles.


  • This is a secretive communist country situated between China and South Korea.


  • It said on Monday it had successfully test-fired the weapons over the weekend and that after two hours of flight time, they hit targets hundreds of miles from their launch site in North Korean territory.


  • Cruise missiles are harder to detect than ballistic missiles, which North Korea has also tested in the past, and experts say most cruise missiles are not designed to carry nuclear warheads.


  • Still, this is the most significant weapons test by North Korea since US President Joe Biden took office in January.

    但這仍然是美國總統拜登 1 月上任以來,北韓最重要的一次武器試驗。

  • That's something the international experts keep tabs on because, despite historic summits between the two countries' leaders during the Trump Administration, the United States and North Korea have remained rivals since fighting stopped in the Korean War in 1953.

    北韓的武器研發活動一直受到國際專家的關注,這是因為儘管美國和北韓兩國領袖在川普任職美國總統期間曾舉行了歷史性的「川金會」,但自 1953 年韓戰結束以來,美國和北韓始終維持敵對的關係。

  • The communist country's announcement was also noteworthy for its timing.


  • There's a meeting in Japan this week between American, Japanese, and South Korean officials.


  • These three countries are allies, and their rival North Korea is the subject of this meeting.


  • So analysts say that by purportedly launching new missiles, North Korea may be trying to show off its importance in the region.


  • The country utilizes parades to do this as well.


  • A midnight parade in Pyongyang.


  • An event commemorating the 73rd anniversary of North Korea's founding.

    這場閱兵儀式是配合北韓 73 週年國慶而舉行的。

  • And, at the stroke of midnight, Thursday, a surprise appearance.


  • The country's 37-year-old dictator Kim, Jong-un in a tailored light-colored suit, looking remarkably slimmer than he was a few months ago.

    37 歲的北韓獨裁者金正恩亮相時身著量身定做的淺色西裝,看起來明顯比幾個月前消瘦許多。

  • He has clearly lost so much weight; he was looking svelte, trimwe're not used to that.


  • And I think in some ways, we saw that as the biggest risk to the North Korean leadership was his health.


  • So it's interesting how the regime has used his weight loss in its propaganda.


  • Other footage shows the supreme leader and top aides at an outdoor table, appearing to enjoy some kind of bright-green drinks with a twirly straw.


  • The western-style suit, the overall air of confidence, analysts say, could be an effort by Kim to channel his late grandfather, Kim, Il-sung, the founder of North Korea, who remains a wildly popular figure there.


  • His grandfather was somebody that the North Koreans genuinely have respect and affection for.


  • And I do see that during times of hardship and trouble, he really works to evoke the memory of his grandfather.


  • The parade featured the customary rows of soldiers in perfectly synchronized cadence, paratroopers descending in the night sky, aircraft firing flaresbut with a notable feature missing.


  • This time, no missiles on display, no references to North Korea's nuclear capability.


  • Instead, there were fire trucks, dogs, horses, and a large formation of marchers in orange hazmat suitswhat North Korean media described as the emergency disease prevention unit.


  • The focus is to demonstrate Kim's unsurpassed handling of the pandemic, and hazmat suits and dogs and fire trucks and horses, apparently, are much better for manipulating the narrative of successful pandemic management than missiles.


  • North Korea still claims it's had no cases of COVID-19 in the entire countrysomething analysts say is highly unlikelyand Kim still can't sidestep his nation's status as a rogue regime.

    目前,北韓依然堅稱全國至今新冠肺炎零確診,不過分析人士並不相信北韓的這個說法。 而且也認為就算防疫成功,金正恩也賴不掉北韓是流氓政權事實。

  • The International Olympic Committee has just decided to ban North Korea from participating in next year's Winter Olympics in Beijingat least under the country's official namebecause of North Korea's decision not to send any athletes to this year's Summer Games in Tokyo.


  • Missing the Olympics, not once, but twice, in the space of a year is a terrible missed opportunity for North Korea.


  • But I think because they've been in this emergency lockdown state with the pandemic, they will have to pay the price of being relegated to a non-player, a non-actor.


  • Analysts say, despite this pageantry, despite Kim, Jong-un's appearance, North Korea is probably worse off internally than much of the world realizes.


  • They point out that during the pandemic, North Korea's border with China has been closed off; food, revenue, other resources have not been getting in; and North Koreans are likely in more desperate straits than they usually are.


  • Brian Todd, CNN, Washington.

    CNN 華盛頓的 Brian Todd 為你報導。

  • 10-second trivia: Which of these food delivery platforms was founded first?

    10 秒問答!在這些外送平台當中,哪一個平台最早創立?

  • Grubhub, Ubereats, DoorDash, or Postmates.

    Grubhub、Ubereats、DoorDash 還是 Postmates?

  • Grubhub was established in 2004, several years before any of these other companies.

    答案是 2004 年成立的 Grubhub,成立時間比其他外送平台都要早了好幾年。

  • But all of those companies are involved in a new lawsuit against New York City.


  • This concerns what third-party delivery platforms like Grubhub and Ubereats are allowed to charge restaurants for their services.

    這場外送平台與紐約市政府的對決將決定 Grubhub 和 Ubereats 等第三方外送平臺是否可以向餐廳收取服務費。

  • Let's say you use DoorDash to order a hamburger to go.

    比方說,你使用 DoorDash 訂購了一個漢堡。

  • New York's government says the most that DoorDash can charge the restaurant is 15% of the cost of your order, plus an additional 5% for fees like marketing.

    紐約市政府規定,DoorDash 最多只能向餐館收取消費者訂單成本的 15% 服務費,外加 5% 的額外費用,作為行銷等其他用途。

  • These limits can help restaurants by keeping their costs down on to-go orders.


  • That's why they were put in place last year when restaurants were forced to close or limit their dining room capacity because of concerns surrounding COVID.


  • But the limits can hurt delivery companies which have their own operating costs.


  • They say they may be forced to reduce their services or charge higher fees to people who order to-go food.


  • And because New York City recently voted to make its fee limits permanent, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Ubereats sued.

    而紐約市最近投票表決,進一步將這項對餐館的保護措施變成永久規定,於是 DoorDash,Grubhub 和 Ubereats 決定對政府提出告訴。

  • They say the government is illegally interfering with agreements reached between restaurants and delivery companies, that the city shouldn't have the power to decide business economics.


  • New York's Law Department says it's confident its limits are legal and that it will defend them in court.


  • San Francisco is another city that's put delivery limits in place, and DoorDash and Grubhub are suing there as well.

    除了紐約市政府外,舊金山市政府也對外送平台實施了收費限制,並遭到 DoorDash 和 Grubhub 提告。

  • An ongoing challenge for restaurants and delivery companies in some areas is a shortage of workershelp is wanted in many parts of the United States.


  • It's not just in the food industrythere's a shortage of truck drivers, manufacturers are having trouble filling factory jobs.


  • Some businesses and states have blamed government benefitspay for unemployed workers during the COVID pandemicas one reason why people weren't motivated to go back to work, but those benefits have expired.


  • And while analysts say there's more than one factor to blame, some restaurants are getting creative to keep their doors open.


  • In the month of July, Texas added over 72,000 jobs, about 18,000 of those were in the Dallas-Plano-Irving metro area, and even still

    7 月份,德州新增了超過 7 萬 2,000 個工作機會,其中約有 1 萬 8,000 個工作機會位於達拉斯—普萊諾—歐文都會區,但都無助吸引工作者就業。

  • One of the things that's happening is some workers are saying, "I don't want to go back to that."


  • In one of the fastest-growing states in the country, many of those roles are going unfilled.


  • ED Sills, a Texas AFL-CIO, a state labor union, says it's likely the low wages of service jobs and the Delta variant keeping folks from clocking back in.

    來自德州美國勞工聯合會和產業工會聯合會(AFL-CIO)的 ED Sills 表示,勞動力拒絕返回職場可能因為服務業的工資很低和擔憂感染 Delta 變異株的風險。

  • They found that maybe working the night shift or being paid $8 an hour is something that can be improved upon and they found ways to do it somehow during this pandemic.

    勞工發現也許夜班和時薪 8 美元的待遇有改善的空間,並在疫情期間找到了可以表示抗議的方式。

  • But some businesses have grown tired of waiting for applications altogether.


  • The Dallas restaurant "La Duni" has turned to robots for workers.

    達拉斯的一家餐廳 La Duni 開始使用機器人來接手人類的工作。

  • I have people who tell me, "Well, they're taking people's jobs."


  • Guess what?


  • No, they're not taking anybody's job because no one is showing up.


  • What they are doing is helping the ones who are really working.


  • Their owner says they have a third of the staff they had pre-pandemic and that hiring has been nearly impossible.


  • Their three robots take guests to tables, bring out orders, and even sing "Happy birthday".


  • The goal isn't to replace all their staff, but to help supplement the jobs no one else seems to want.


  • And they don't complain and they're happy to do it.


  • Ed says until those jobs become more desirable, it's no surprise businesses will have to get creative.

    Ed 說,直到工作內容變得更有趣,才有辦法吸引人才上門,因此企業必須變得比以前更有創意。

  • The market is finally working on behalf of workers.


  • He does believe eventually the labor shortage will level, but it will likely take COVID calming down and improved pay for workers.


  • (I) Think it's probably part of a stage of recovery rather than something permanent.


  • Well, whether or not you're familiar with all the rules of cricket, you probably know this ain't supposed to happen.


  • Oh, the dog has the ball! Oh, here we go. Now, that is a... (laughs)


  • At least she's not breaking any leash laws.


  • An Irish women's player who was on the field owns this cocker spaniel, according to Newsweek magazine.


  • When she practices with her family at home, the dog reportedly plays with them.


  • So, when the animal saw her owner playing in a game, well...


  • So the dog plays cricket. Was she told to go and "sic" it? Did she kick it? Did she flick it?

    所以這隻狗狗會玩板球。她是被指示去攻擊球嗎?她踢球了嗎? 輕拍球了嗎?

  • No, she saw the ball and picked it!


  • Then she ran away so quick it caused an interrupted "wicket"; protesters can go and "pick it" unless the dog had a "ticket".


  • Well, it's almost time for us to scoot on out of here.


  • But before we do, we want to give a shout-out to Seaforth High School, our viewers watching in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

    在節目結束前,我們要感謝北卡羅萊納州匹茲波羅的 Seaforth 高中對我們節目的支持。

  • Subscribing and commenting on our YouTube channel is the only way to get a mention of your school.

    想被我們節目點名,你可以訂閱及留言我們的 YouTube 頻道。

  • I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.

    我是 CNN 的 Carl Azuz。

Two days into the week, we're happy you're taking ten minutes to watch our show; I'm Carl Azuz.

今天是週二,很高興你願意花 10 分鐘的時間來觀看我們的節目;我是 Carl Azuz。

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