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  • Some are saying that sitting is the new smoking.


  • A little dramatic?


  • Yes. Kind of accurate?


  • Kind of yes.


  • Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews.

    大家好,我是 DNews 的 Laci Green。

  • Is anyone else slightly terrified of losing independence when you get old?


  • It's sort of like an ongoing existential crisis that's destroying my youthful years.


  • Of course, declining health in old age is a good incentive to stay healthy, physically, and emotionally, which means eating right and getting moderate exercise in every week, right?


  • Wrong! That's apparently still not good enough.


  • At least according to a new study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, the researchers at Harvard, Northwestern, and the CDC found that

    至少根據 Journal of Physical Activity & Health 的新研究,哈佛大學、西北大學及疾病管制局 (CDC) 的研究學者指出,

  • while getting your 150 minutes a week of exercise is important for maintaining good health,

    雖然每週運動 150 分鐘有助於保持健康很重要,

  • it might not provide the same kind of protection as, say... getting off your butt and not sitting so much.


  • The scientists found that sedentary hours were a better predictor than moderate exercise when it comes to things like


  • being able to get around the house, being able to feed yourself, staying out of nursing homes, and general independence when you're old.


  • For every hour of sitting, there was a 46% decrease in the ability to perform everyday tasks in those over 60.

    超過六十歲的人當中,每多坐一小時,就減少 46% 可以達成日常瑣事的能力。

  • Researchers also found that those most likely to be sitting too much were


  • older, male, more educated but less wealthy, smokers, and those who have chronic illnesses.


  • Their research attributes 5.3 million deaths per year, worldwide, to sitting.

    他們的研究把 (全球) 每年死亡數中的 530 萬人歸因於—久坐。

  • Other studies have found that for every hour of TV watched when you're older than 25, 22 minutes are shaved off your lifespan.

    其他的研究也發現,當你超過 25 歲時,每看一個小時的電視就會減少 22 分鐘的壽命。

  • YIKES! It's like a 21st century nightmare straight out of Wall-E.

    天啊!這就和電影《瓦力》 中 21 世紀的夢魘一樣。

  • Sitting is obviously a huge problem and it's not something that we talk or really think about so much,


  • at least not as much as diet and exercise.


  • It seems that as we shift away from manual labor types of jobs to computer-based desk jobs, sitting is becoming harder and harder to avoid.


  • But there is hope yet!


  • The researchers say that gradually moving toward standing more or getting more steps into your day can have a dramatic effect.


  • As little as an extra half hour per day of not sitting can improve your long-term health.


  • I've started to notice standing desks or treadmill desks getting more popular.


  • It seems like we're just gonna need to make some adaptation to stay healthy with this emerging 21st century lifestyle.

    這似乎意味我們需要去適應這種 21 世紀保持健康的新興生活型態。

  • Now, the researchers are now looking into the question of ok so "just how much sitting is *too much*?"


  • So folks, how much do you sit every day?


  • Tell us the number down below and we'll see if we can get a little DNews average.

    下面的留言告訴我們或到臉書粉專告訴我們,我們看看是否可以找出一個 DNews 的平均值 。

  • Thanks for joining me!


  • I'll see you next time.


Some are saying that sitting is the new smoking.


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