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  • "Cheers, mate"

    「Cheers, mate」

  • A common way of saying thank you in british english is "cheers, mate."

    英式英文中「謝謝」的一種常見說法是「cheers, mate」。

  • Many people know that 'cheers' can be used to express good luck before a drink,


  • But cheers is also a common way of saying 'thanks' in an informal and friendly way!

    但 cheers 也是口語和友好的說「謝謝」的一種常見方式!

  • For example, "cheers for sending over the email. It was really useful."


  • "Cheers for lending to me that money. You're a lifesaver!"


  • Or you can just say, "cheers!"

    或者你可以直接說「 cheers!」

  • 'Mate' is a common way of saying 'friend'.


  • We use 'mate' with our good friends.


  • For example, "hello, mate. Long time no see!"


  • "Hiya, mate! How are you?"


  • But we can also use it with strangers whose names we do not know!


  • For example, "excuse me, mate. Do you know where the station is?"

    例如,「不好意思,兄弟。你知道車站在哪裡嗎? 」

  • Or a simple, "thanks, mate."


  • While mate is more commonly used to refer to men, it can be used with any gender.

    雖然 mate 通常指男人,但任何性別都可以用它。

  • So, "cheers, mate" means "thanks, friend".

    所以,「cheers, mate」指的是「謝啦,朋友」。

  • When was the last time you thanked a friend?


"Cheers, mate"

「Cheers, mate」

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