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  • hi there jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question our question today  

    嗨,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer帶著你的發音問題來到了我們今天的問題。

  • is how do i pronounce the word curious  which is eager for knowledge or strange  

    是我如何讀出 "好奇 "這個詞,它是對知識的渴望或奇怪。

  • here is our word curious so we're gonna have  a few options here most of the time i say  


  • curious and to do this we're going to have  three syllables and let's start with the  


  • endings because that's the easiest we are going  to have the middle syllable e long e smile and  


  • then us to do that relaxed mouth and then the  s sound tip of the tongue is down or behind the  


  • top front teeth air just moves out yes yes yes  easy breezy now what about the beginning this  


  • is the confusing part for most people we're  going to start with the k tip of the tongue  


  • is down and the back of the tongue is pulled  up air is going to puff out voice box is off


  • then we're going to move to the yeah sound to  do this keep the tip of your tongue down if you  


  • need to you can gently bite the outsides of the  back of your tongue for the sound the key here  


  • is do not touch your teeth you do not want to  touch your teeth with the tip of your tongue  


  • you want to keep it down and away then you're  going to move into square tense lips for that  


  • er sound i think it's easiest here just to keep  your tongue down the whole time but if you're  


  • one of those people that flip your tongue  back for your r that's fine just remember  


  • do not touch your teeth and do not let the tip of  your tongue move for that er sound cure cure cure  


  • i do hear some people say cure and round their  lips more cure either is fine just pick one and  


  • stick with that remember it's all about clarity  it's not about perfection and there really is no  


  • perfect because there are all types of variations  so let's give this a try and put it all together  


  • cure e us curious curious curious or you can  say curious curious curious whichever you prefer  


  • what about curiously all we're going to  do is add the lee at the end curiously  

    我們要做的是,在 "好奇 "後面加上 "利"。

  • curiously curiously so for curiosity the  difference is we are going to shift the  


  • syllable stress to the os right before the a d  and what we're doing here is we're using a schwa  

    在a d之前的os上有一個音節的重音,我們在這裡做的是用一個分音符。

  • and then we're moving to that flap t which  i say think of as a very fast d sound adi  


  • curios adi curiosity curiosity  curiosity let's give them all a try

    好奇心 adi 好奇心 好奇心 好奇心 讓我們把它們都試一試

  • curious curious curious curious curious  curious curiously curiously curiously  


  • and curiosity curiosity curiosity that was  a tough one i was getting some tongue issues  


  • there myself so take it slow and here we are in  a sentence if you are curious about pronunciation  


  • please subscribe to my channel give it a tryknow people are going to notice the difference  


  • if you are looking for some extra help  check out our products on google play and  


  • itunes and our classes at tarle speech thanks so  much everyone stay curious and good luck this week


hi there jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question our question today  

嗨,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer帶著你的發音問題來到了我們今天的問題。


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如何給CURIOUS, CURIOUSLY, CURIOSITY發音 - 英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce CURIOUS, CURIOUSLY, CURIOSITY - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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