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  • I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful twist on French toast.

  • This could be the most amazing breakfast, brunch, even a dessert if you put a little scoop of ice cream with it.

  • It's a real treat, and I think it's a beautiful thing to do for someone you love.

  • So we're going sweet, I'm putting combos of flavours together that I think work really, really well.

  • Let's start off with the basics.  

  • We're gonna get our egg that I can't get out of the box and crack that into a bowl.

  • I'll put two eggs in - lovely free-range eggs, look at the colour of those yolks.

  • So, into those eggs a little thimble of vanilla extract and a tiny pinch of cinnamon

  • Whisk that up, and that is basically your kind of sweetened, flavoured base, and of course, I'm gonna use you know just regular bread, but you could use brioche, you could use croissants, panettone.

  • All of these make the most amazing French toast.

  • The great thing about the bread of course is it sucks up that beautiful vanilla-ey, egg.

  • So into here, we'll go in with the bread and just press it down.

  • You can see it all absorbing into it, it becomes part of it.  

  • Right into the corners, then I'm gonna go in with the chocolate.

  • Now look you can have fun with the chocolate, so my wife absolutely loves chocolate, it's her thing.

  • We're gonna go in with her favourite chocolate, sort of 70 percent cocoa solid, just a few little clicks that'll melt in beautifully.

  • So let the bread suck it all up, the chocolate's in there, just press that down.

  • Okay, so whilst that soaks up all the lovely egg, I'm going to takelittle knob of butter and that goes into the pan.  

  • And then I want to kind of bring it together with more exciting things.

  • Banana is one of the things.  

  • If we get it in that pan, we can caramelise up this banana to be really delicious.  

  • So what I'll do is I'll just cut the banana in half lengthwise like this.

  • So just put the banana on the butter, and we're just going to fry it for a couple of minutes on each side, and it's going to intensify the flavour, and it kind of goes like really toffee-likereally unctuous, really scrumptious, and it's amazing.  

  • You're going to love it, and definitely those occasions like Mother's Day, birthdays, you know, Valentine's day.

  • I do try and get my missus to stay in bed, and I do breakfast in bed.

  • So look, as these fry up, which is lovely, I'm just going to toast some nuts.

  • Um, you can use almonds, you can use peanuts.  

  • I love hazelnuts, they're such beautiful nuts.

  • So just toast your hazelnuts until lightly golden, that'll make them taste so much better, and then I'll pound them up in a pestle and mortar and that will be a beautiful sprinkle.

  • So, a little bit of butter in a pan and then in with the French toast.

  • So I've got this pan on a medium-high heat, so I'm getting a nice bit of colour on those beautiful bananas and that French toast

  • We want to go nice and golden.

  • I'm just going to take these little hazelnuts, and I'll let them cool down a little bit.

  • So, time to turn over the toast.  

  • Look at that, and of course, we want to get it lightly golden, you know kind of crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

  • We want the chocolate to melt so it just oozes and then I've got a little trick that I think you're gonna love.

  • Let's turn over the banana - look at that, sizzling away.  

  • So like after about four or so minutes we've got really nice golden colour on the banana.  

  • The French toast is looking good.

  • A little cheat that I love: if you've got some icing sugar, just shake a little bit over the French toast.

  • What you can do is create the most incredible crunchy outer crust just by flipping it back onto that side.

  • So, in literally one minute you can see the smoke coming off there.

  • You would have caramelised that icing sugar - have a look at this.

  • And when that cools down a little bit it'll go crunch.

  • So crispy outside, fluffy insideoozy chocolate, caramelised banana, come on!

  • This is gonna be the best breakfast brunch ever.  

  • Right, let's plate up.

  • So I like to serve this with a little bit of Greek yogurt.

  • Nice little dollop in the middle like that, followed by a lovely banana, that little bit of cooking completely changes the banana.

  • Maybe a little bit of yogurt on the top like that.

  • If you wanted a little pinch of cinnamon, that's cool.

  • If you want to take those beautiful hazelnuts, just pound those upsome chunky, some fine, but the flavour would be amazing, and I'll sprinkle some of that over the top like that.

  • Then the French toast is done.

  • So, let the French toast cool down.

  • Don't be tempted to touch the caramel, it's very, very hot.

  • Right, let's get in there, let's have a little look.

  • And just look at that, oozing.

  • That is the most extraordinary, indulgentfantastical start to the day.

  • Right, gotta trylet's go for some of the banana, hazelnut.

  • So good.  

  • I'm getting the vanilla as wellwhich is really, really nice.

  • Crunchy spongy, oozy. Absolutely delicious.

  • So go on, have a go with that recipe guys and enjoy. Take care.

I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful twist on French toast.


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Ultimate French Toast | Jamie Oliver

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