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She is cute, her?
This is weird, this is like shopping for people
no this is helpful,okay, look at this bar
In a matter of moments, you can find up who is single, who is gay, who is straight, who is interested.
it's fake, it's not real. it's a central authentic, you know like, like in the nineties.
I bet if I was in the nineties, I can just walked out to a girl in a bar, will be like...
Hey, I'm Chris. Do you want a date? NO.
that inefficient, you will go on dates with people you have nothing in common with,
like iced coffee girl. iced coffee girl?! yeah I am looking out of her profile, she is addicted to iced coffee,
I would never date a girl officially like that
there is not a problem that judging somebody based on a profile
let's say, my nineties girl, has trace that will be incompatible, maybe I read paragraph about her, like she is a huge sports fan and she loves science of biology
sShe has a side pony?
fine, that we were learning new things about each other, you think just working out with her paragraph you have already read
no, that's not...
the paragraph is like a process, you can deeper quicker, you have a date like someone, and then the fun begins while you...you know sitting around by your nineties's dream phone
iphone have 100 ways, I can communicate with her, I can like her facebook post, we can send each other pictures of our days, we can text
because I'm hilarious
you also gonna google her and you gonna find out things and you probably shouldn't know
i am just waiting by the phone and met with her
how about security
when we are together with present, you know about of the modern days discretion
so opportunity to bond.
oh yeah, and also inevitably things will end
people will break up with us, although no doubt which is easier
the nineties, yeah, in the nineties you broke up, it was over with. it was done.
no, you will not be done, you will pine, you will stress, you would show up to her house outside in the pouring rain
okay, well you will pine, too
yeah I pine, i will also stalk, because stalking gives me peace of mind. That's why everyone unfriend direct on their facebook, they can see they're not living in this dream world without you
you can stop without the internet
I just wanna fall in love in the same way with my parents fell in love okay, that's the same way with my grandparents fell in love for that
its so the same love. it's just more accessible now.
you know I can find out nineties girl
I can date her tonight
oh, go get her, Tiger
okay, how do I do this


約會聖經:現在VS.九零年代 Dating: Now Vs. The '90s

12457 分類 收藏
Vivian Lam 發佈於 2014 年 8 月 14 日    Hui-Chi Kang 翻譯    Vivian Lam 審核
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