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  • Hi everyone, it's Abbe from MosaLingua.

  • Today I want to talk about a common problem that language learners face.

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  • Today's topic: Motivation.

  • It happens to the best of us.

  • We're chugging along, making great progress toward our language learning goals, and one day we wake up, and we've lost all motivation to practice language.

  • It's a scary feeling, but don't despair.

  • Take a deep breath, and then try one of these strategies to regain and hold onto your sense of motivation.

  • 1. Start small.

  • You may have gotten too ambitious and overwhelmed, a feeling that can really destroy your motivation.

  • If you can't muster the motivation to watch an entire foreign-language movie, that's okay.

  • Challenge yourself to do just five minutes of vocab review.

  • Even a few minutes of practice every day can be super beneficial in the long run!

  • As you start to see results, your motivation will probably come back on its own, and you can gradually move back up to longer activities.

  • Next, break from your routine and try something new.

  • We talk a lot about how beneficial routines and habits are, but sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to renew your interest and motivation.

  • If you usually review before bed, switch it up and try reviewing your flashcards in the morning over coffee.

  • If you usually practice on the couch with foreign- language books and movies, get up and move!

  • Dance and sing to some popular music in your target language, or take a podcast or audiobook with you on your next walk or run.

  • We have some videos on our channel that explain how to make the most of music, podcasts, and audiobooks for language learning.

  • I'll put some links in the description for you.

  • Or you can even try out a new language altogether!

  • Next up: take stock of your progress.

  • You might have lost motivation because you don't feel like you're making much progress, or because your goals are a bit outdated.

  • Take this time to see how far you've come, because progress is always encouraging!

  • Check your stats in your MosaLingua app to see how many words and expressions you've learned.

  • Or, watch an episode of a TV show that you couldn't understand a few months ago and see how much more you understand now.

  • No matter what your goals are, try to make them as concrete as possible so that it will be easier to measure your progress from now on.

  • Next, renew your commitment to language learning.

  • You can also use this opportunity to remind yourself of your goals or to set new ones.

  • Maybe you started learning a language for work, but now you have a new job and you're more interested in being able to speak it for an upcoming vacation.

  • Maybe you started learning it for school, so your goal was to pass your grammar tests, but now you'd rather learn more practical skills and vocabulary.

  • You also might have just lost sight of your original goals.

  • Here are a few good ways to clear the path ahead of you and keep moving forward.

  • If you're a creative type, you can make a vision board with inspirational pictures and words that you can look at any time you need a dose of motivation.

  • Or, just write down a list of all the reasons you started learning the language in the first place.

  • You could also talk it out with someone who knows your situation.

  • You don't have to deal with these feelings alone.

  • It can be helpful to talk about the situation with someone who understands what you're going through.

  • Like I said, just about every language learner has been in your shoes at some point in their life.

  • Ideally, talk about it with your language partner, someone who is a native speaker of your target language and who is learning your native language.

  • If you don't have a language partner yet, you can head over to Facebook to look for groups of fellow learners, or check out our article about the best websites for setting up a language exchange.

  • Or, post a comment on this video so that other learners and members of our team can give you their tips and support.

  • And if you're really not feeling it, it's also okay to take a break from language!

  • It's better to take a breather and wait until inspiration strikes again, than to force yourself to do something you don't enjoy.

  • Language learning should be a pleasurable experience, not a chore.

  • So, if you're going through a rough period, know that I'm rooting for you!

  • And if you've overcome your own motivation issues, I want to hear about how you did it! So share your experience in the comments section.

  • Take care and see you soon!

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  • So join us and start improving your language skills today.

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  • Happy learning!

Hi everyone, it's Abbe from MosaLingua.


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"I've Lost All Motivation": How to Stay Motivated When Learning a Language

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