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  • Hey what's up Six Pack Shortcutters, Mike here. today we're going to talk about

    嘿六塊肌速成者們 我是麥克 今天我們要談談

  • "the afterburn effect" and what it is and how you can get


  • super ripped and why we based our whole program on it

    變得超級健壯 以及我們為何將整個課程內容建基於此

  • so the afterburn effect, what it is is it's when your body burns calories


  • up to 48 hours after you finish working out


  • so you can work out today and up to 48 hours afterwards, you're continuously still


  • burning calories


  • very different than a normal workout because usually you go to gym for let's say

    跟一般健身行程很不一樣的是 你通常會在健身房待大概

  • 45 minutes or an hour


  • you workout, your heart rate is high, your body temperature is high

    你開始健身 心跳率上升 體溫也上升

  • but the moment that you're done working out, your rate drops back down

    但當你做完運動時 你的心跳率會下降

  • and so is your body temperature and you stop burning calories

    體溫也是 然後卡路里停止燃燒

  • The problem with that is there's 24 hours in a day


  • but if you burn calories for only one hour. What you're burning the other 23 hours?

    但你若只燃燒一小時 剩下23小時要燃燒什麼?

  • Now unless your job is very very physically active and you're continuously


  • running around throughout the day,


  • most of us I find are just sitting around and they're not burning as much


  • calories as they need to they need to


  • which is why normal people have such a hard time losing weight and losing fat


  • because you're not burning enough calories throughout the day


  • but the afterburn effect allows you to burn calories


  • 48 hours afterwards continuously here's a good example

    持續燃燒卡路里 這裡有個好例子

  • Think about, let's say working on your chest. you have two exercises. You have a

    就胸肌的訓練來說 你有兩種訓練 一種是

  • bench press and you have a cable fly

    平板臥推 另一種是拉力器夾胸

  • where you're grabbing the cables and you go like this and you work your chest


  • So a cable fly, when you do this, it just works your chest. When you have a bench press,

    所以當你做拉力器 只能訓練到胸肌 當你做平板推臥時

  • it works your chest, your shoulders and it works your triceps.

    可以訓練到你的胸肌 肩膀 及 三頭肌

  • Three muscle groups verses cable fly one muscle group.


  • So three muscle groups burns more calories


  • uses more muscle fuel and in turn are going to activate


  • the afterburn, so you've got to make sure you're doing the right exercise, too.

    運動後燃脂效應 所以你也要確定是否做對運動

  • Now keep this in mind guys you can't go ahead and just jump onto the training with


  • the afterburn techniques right away


  • you have to get your body ready because people that are in my program

    你得先讓自己的身體做好準備 因為我課程中的許多人

  • we have a lot of things that we have to do before we actually start triggering the afterburn effect

    在我們開始真正啟動運動後燃燒效應之前 我們還有很多事得做

  • So keep this in mind if you're not a member in our program no worries

    所以請記得:你如果並非此課程的一員 不用擔心

  • What I want to do though is to A) Make sure you're doing the right exercise

    我想做的其實是 A.確保你做對運動

  • by far the next two weeks


  • try this. And make sure you do the right exercise, keep them compound,

    試試這個 然後確保你是在做正確又多樣的運動

  • multi-muscle groups when you're doing the exercises


  • Make sure you rest time keep it anywhere from about 60 seconds up to 90 seconds


  • and also be consistent on your workouts. Workout anywhere from about

    以及訓練是有一致性的 一週的訓練大概介於

  • 4 to about 6 days a week


  • for the next two weeks to get your body ready game. Afterwards, you can start applying

    在接下來的兩週來讓你的身體準備好 之後你可以開始運用

  • the other techniques which is keeping your rep slower, use your heavy weight

    其他技巧 像是反覆次數變慢及運用體重

  • keeping your rest times even lower and


  • also keeping the sets a lot higher and your set range should be anywhere from about

    也提高組數 組數範圍應大概介於

  • 6 even up to about 8 sets, because remember you gotta have enough volume to completely

    6至甚至8組 因為記住你得有足夠的強度來完全

  • drained down the fuel inside your muscles. So if you want more information on the afterburn

    耗盡你肌肉中的燃料 所以你若想要知道更多關於後燃燒的資訊

  • check out the website I'll see you guys next time

    請上 我們下次見

Hey what's up Six Pack Shortcutters, Mike here. today we're going to talk about

嘿六塊肌速成者們 我是麥克 今天我們要談談


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A2 初級 中文 美國腔 燃燒 運動 胸肌 訓練 效應 小時

燃燒脂肪與AFTERBURN EFFECT(這裡是如何)。 (burn fat with the AFTERBURN EFFECT (here's how))

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