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A few people have tried it but nobody has ever managed
to get anywhere close to where we got like today.
You have to believe you can do these things.
It's not like impossible.
There's been a few people that have been like sort of following us.
It's me, my boots, and I.
We are gonna make it.
I definitely think it's gonna be the next big thing.
Liquid Mountaineering is actually Ulf's brainchild.
It's a new sport. It was not existing before.
You have to run very fast on the water.
I mean, obviously the first step is the most important one.
then we will like discover, oh my god, Jesus,
We're going one step, we're going two steps, we're going three steps.
We're discovering it as we go along.
While we still on land, we try to get up really speed.
Soon we touch the water, we try to get like a sewing machine.
It's not straight into the water you know,
in a curve, in a slight curve
and by that bend you actually not allowing yourself to sink into the water.
And you wanna keep that skimming sensation going as long as you can.
What gets us extra steps are these shoes…
The original equipment we first all started
was the equipment that would help repel water
We found some shoes by mistake actually.
Totally water repellent
It works like water off a duck's back.
It takes actually a lot of practice and a lot of focus.
I think if you don't actually believe you gonna walk on that water,
it's not gonna happen for you.
Go, go, go, go, go!
We've been working on a jet ski system
obviously that pulls us into the water with a bit more speed.
Be with yourself. Believe in it!
It's not about miracle. It's just “go for it!”
Try to do it. If you fall down,
try again.
People want you to think in a certain way and
this sport actually allows you to push your horizons further.
It's not boxing you in and saying
“that's what you are!”
You just like you're moving possible.


天啊!輕功水上飄竟然重現江湖!?Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)

15794 分類 收藏
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