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  • This is TWIT


  • I was all set to cover TunIin radio couple weeks ago

    幾個禮拜前我本來要報導TuneIn radio

  • when it postponed for a bit but I haven't forgotten let's talk about it now

    雖然晚了些, 但我沒忘記. 那我們現在就來介紹它吧

  • TuneIn radio got a nice design update,I think is just peachy it really deserves a look if you like radio

    TuneIn radio 改了個不錯的新設計, 我覺得很棒,值得你瞧瞧. 如果你喜歡聽廣播的話拉

  • and who doesn't like radio?


  • terrestrial radio satellite radio audio podcast radio,TuneIn handles all of that

    無線廣播, 衛星廣播, 數位聲音廣播, Tunein 全都可以聽

  • you can follow your favorite sports stations,music


  • talk radio,every genre you can think of TuneIn has something for you, the company claim over 100,000 traditional radio stations

    談話性節目, 每種你想像到的類型TuneIn 都有, 他們公司宣稱有超過10萬個傳統電台

  • and over four million podcast so that's a pretty healthy catalog

    還有超過4百萬個播客, 所以是非常健全的內容

  • and if you're already familiar with tune in radio


  • there are a few things that have gotten better


  • first,your favorites list has been changed now it's just the stations that you follow

    首先, 我的最愛清單被修改了, 現在只留下你追蹤的電台

  • I think that makes more sense if you're following it you want to hear about it

    我覺得這樣更合理, 如果你追蹤它, 表示你想要聽這個節目

  • you also see how much time is left on a show that you're listening to


  • obviously very helpful if you know you've only got thirty minutes or some other limited time to finish a show

    這會非常有幫助, 如果你知道你只有30分鐘, 或是有限時間內必須聽完節目的話.

  • car mode is easy to toggle on and off to the Browse tab


  • the idea of car mode is you're not supposed to be looking at your iPhone ever

    行車模式的概念是 你應該無法在開車時一直盯著你的iphone

  • when you're in the car. but let's say you're at a stop play


  • you have to very quickly press play or search or something like that

    你必須非常快按撥放鍵 或搜尋 或其他功能

  • you should have a very simple interface with big letters


  • that won't distract you too much. we've talked a lot about audio on the show

    不會干擾你太多的那種. 我們最近在節目上討論過相當多音樂撥放相關的軟體

  • recently I talked about the podcasts out just last week


  • Downcast is another good one that thing though is that with TuneIn Radio

    Downcast 就是其中一個不錯的. 但重點是TuneIn Radio

  • it's very all-encompassing it's an all encompassing up that's good for podcast

    非常包羅萬象, 它什麼東西都涵蓋在內, 這對播客

  • and for radio KCRW for example that's a really awesome station down in Los Angeles

    和廣播都很好. 拿KCRW舉例來說, 那是洛杉磯的一個非常棒的電台

  • that's here as well as the entire TWIT live of course

    在這裡, 當然你也可以直接在TWIT廣播中看到

  • I would say I've a tiny grape with i-five not having more subscribers

    我必須承認我有點吃醋, 因為iFive 沒有這麼多聽眾

  • 209 I last check I don't think so you guys

    上次我看的時候只有209個, 我不相信你們這麼少

  • maybe it's because we all prefer just watch me I don't know

    也許只是因為你們比較喜歡看到我吧, 我不知道.

This is TWIT



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