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  • -♪ W-W-Whoa, w-whoa

    -W -W -Whoa,W -Whoa?

  • -This one goes out to anyone who's ever been left waiting.


  • -We feel you.


  • -♪ W-W-Whoa, w-whoa

    -W -W -Whoa,W -Whoa?

  • ♪ I just found the funniest meme


  • With the most adorable dog that I've ever seen

    與最可愛的狗 我見過的

  • So I text it to my friends


  • Saying "OMG literally me RN," then send

    說 "OMG字面意思是我RN,"然後發送?

  • Now they're typing something back


  • Still typing something back


  • ♪ I just wanna know what you thought


  • But all you said was three dots


  • So I update my laptop ♪ -♪ Text still three dots

    所以,我更新了我的筆記本電腦 - 文字仍然三個點

  • -♪ Watch a couple TikToks ♪ -♪ Text still three dots

    -看一對夫婦TikToks -文本仍然三個點

  • -♪ Play hopscotch with street chalk

    # 用街邊的粉筆玩跳房子的遊戲#

  • -♪ Text still three dots


  • -♪ Stitch a cozy for my teapot ♪ -♪ Text still three dots

    -為我的茶壺縫製一個舒適的圖案 -文字仍然是三個點

  • -♪ My girl been writing back so long that I been wiggin' out

    -我的女孩一直在寫回信 這麼長的時間,我一直在wiggin'出來的

  • Like 15 minutes, man, I wonder what she writin' 'bout

    像15分鐘,男人,我不知道 她寫的'布特'?

  • Gotta know what the text is gonna be

    * Gotta know what the text is gonna be *

  • It's like little bubbles making fun of me


  • Baby, hit "send" quickly

    寶貝,打 "發送 "迅速

  • ♪ 'Cause I can't take these ellipses


  • Every text from you gets me so hot


  • Now all I got is three dots


  • So I practice my jump shot ♪ -♪ Text still three dots

    所以,我練習我的跳投 - 文字還是三個點

  • -♪ Dance to the beat drop ♪ -♪ Text still three dots

    -舞蹈的節拍下降 - 文字仍然三個點

  • -♪ Make a plan to win an EGOT ♪ -♪ Text still three dots

    -制定一個計劃來贏得EGOT -文本仍然是三個點

  • -♪ Watch "The Office" on Peacock

    -看 "辦公室 "的孔雀?

  • -♪ Text still three dots


  • -♪ I appreciate taking your time to respond


  • But while you've been texting, we wrote a whole song

    但當你一直在發短信, 我們寫了一整首歌

  • -♪ About waiting and waiting, it's almost too much


  • You could at least give my last text a thumbs-up


  • But the text on three dots


  • Gray and bouncy three dots


  • ♪ 'Bout to yell it from the treetops


  • ♪ 'Cause the text on three dots


  • [ Cellphone chimes ] -Oh. Ah.

    [手機鐘聲] 哦。啊。

  • -Yeah, okay, yeah.


  • -Nice.


  • -♪ Text still three dots


-♪ W-W-Whoa, w-whoa

-W -W -Whoa,W -Whoa?

由 AI 自動生成

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