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Hey vsauce Michael here and today I've got a brand new episode
of this Vauce lean back you can click this annotation
or the link at the top of the description to start it and then you can just lean back
and the autoplay playlist bring the knowledge right to your brain
as you already know it doesn't really work on mobile phones yet so we can tell
you in a better position to lead back
in the meantime let's get Saccadic
no not psychotic, saccadic
referring to what is known as a saccad the quick movements that are eyeballs make me move from one object to the other
As you may remember from a previous lean back some animals like most birds
cannot move their eyeballs into the look from one thing to another they have to head really really fast
and keep the world from being blurry when their bodies new they have to keep
their heads completely stationary
but here's the lead things about saccad when our eyes move
there's a quick blur between one destination and the other
and that blur is completely incomprehensible to our brain
so what are visual system does is erase it from our memory
and instead replace that little fraction of a second that the eye moved
during with the very next thing we see. This leads to a really amazing allusion
called the stopped clock allusion you may have noticed this before
if you've ever been in a room with the clock with the second game like in a classroom
starting your eyes back and forth waiting for class
to be out now here is what happens right when you don't your eyes to the clock
that very first second that very first movement of the second hand
that happens when your eyes reach it seems longer
in every other second afterwards look away from the clock
and then look and that first second was seen to link
as if time itself is stop the reason for that
is that you're brain replaces the time it took for your eyes the goal from here
to the clock with the image of the first thing you saw which with second-hand
and so that little fraction of a second of time is added
to link the time it takes second-hand to move what's really mind-blowing about this entire
fact as it happens all the time all day
as you look around the world from one point to another that little fraction of a second
that your eyeball was moving is lost and your brain just replace it with a very next thing
you see it might just be a tiny tiny mini time
but over the course of an entire day those little fraction in a second
add up to almost 40 minutes
40 minutes of everyday that you're awake are lost
because of eyeballs move
and that's always thanks for watching
so what are you waiting for
picture to start the leaf back or click the link at the top of this video


消失的時間?帶你來了解「停錶錯覺」 (Stopped clock illusion)

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Vivian Lam 發佈於 2014 年 7 月 31 日    Vivian Lam 翻譯    Amber Chang 審核
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