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  • Hey guys and welcome to astrology chat

  • my name is david and I run the website of astroroom dot com

  • is using the links below

  • this would be the first video in a series of different topics on astrology

  • that i hope to be doing the future

  • as you've probably already gathered from the title

  • you see it on my show it to you

  • this video is going to be about moon signs in astrology

  • if you could please you new to the subject you may not be that i heard

  • about in his eyes he did

  • but i'm sure you've heard about so zodiac signs of starsign

  • and you know you're so excited

  • well the so decide is nothing but the sun's position

  • has certain of the soviet

  • at the time of year old daughter

  • so we call it is to set aside

  • the very same way

  • uh... you moon sign would be the moon's decision

  • the soviet tried to deliver

  • now the main difference between the some of the mood

  • from an astrological perspective

  • it's a speed boat which they travel through the zodiac

  • now this summer will stay in the same so did sign for about thirty days the whole

  • month

  • which you may know already

  • uh... the mood on the other hand that will cross over much foster

  • what seems so exciting city two or three days

  • making much more difficult for the for someone who's not interest on teacher

  • extreme northern

  • that moon sign

  • calculating using services to find out

  • so before you do anything else find out your moon sign

  • of course you already know your some side

  • and realized that the moon sign will be just as important to kansas on sign

  • in determining your personality

  • why is the movement so important

  • the recently so important is mainly because he works from the inside

  • most of the law the reader

  • of our conscious self

  • this is very different from the some

  • which is part of our self-expression

  • part of a conscious self-expression

  • something that we are proud of something that we want to shine with

  • something that we have learned to

  • to express is a part of our selves

  • and nineteen you look yourself in the mirror

  • this is me

  • i know myself i know what i'm proud of the know what i need

  • this is that

  • that's mostly the sun speaking

  • because we've kind of latino ourselves throughout some

  • meanwhile in the background the moon may be screaming no when no that's not what

  • i want that's not what i mean it all

  • in a way back that in some way

  • ordinary saying an

  • you kunnen right but that's all that needs to get you should see to it

  • or if you're competing lucky

  • into many saying

  • g definitely right brother some has just walk hand in hand together towards the

  • sunset

  • some of the moon i've known as the two lights in astrology

  • in a single two most important points of focusing on natal horoscope

  • and understanding the dynamics between the sun and moon who do you agree to a

  • good and

  • probably give you some self knowledge that you didn't have before

  • understanding potential conflicts between the sun the moon this much like

  • understanding conflicts between

  • traditionally male and female counterparts in your psyche

  • the moon in your horoscope will tell you how you relate to motion only

  • what you need to feel secure how you go about caring about for other people

  • the some of the other hand

  • at will show the will to

  • buy-in for yourself

  • so always be characteristics character traits that we try to build ourselves

  • around and that's that's always a part of our identity

  • okay this was a very short instruction to moon signs into the difference

  • between the some of the moon in astrology

  • the next video i'm going to go into individual who signs such as luminaries

  • and talk about that

  • but it'll be a good enjoyed this see you next time

Hey guys and welcome to astrology chat


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占星哈拉--占星中的月亮星座和太陽星座是什麼? (Astrology Chat - What is the Moon Sign and the Sun Sign in Astrology?)

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