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  • Gemini and cancer find in each other immediately, a warm reception.

  • In other words, Cancer who truly loves to be in love, loves the security of a relationship.

  • It’s very giving, very nurturing, and astrologically, Cancer is known as the sign as mothering.

  • Whether or not the Cancer is male or female, there is a quality of being a nurturer, a

  • protector.

  • Now, what Gemini also looks for is new experience. And so, after the first flush of fall into

  • this lovely, romantic, and vivacious affair with each other, they are going to start looking

  • for different things. The Gemini doesn't want to be tied down. Cancer likes to be tied down;

  • not exactly imprisoned, but safe in this cocoon, in the downy nest of being in love.

  • Gemini is looking for new friends, and some versatility in life, for something that's

  • new all the time- asking, "What's new? What should we do now?" So, their energies immediately

  • begin to go in different directions. I'm not sure that they can really work this out long

  • term.

  • Short term, it’s a lovely affair, because they find in each other something that's interesting,

  • and something that they think they need. And then, they find ultimately that this is not

  • what they need. For example, the Cancer needs something more permanent. And the Gemini needs

  • something that is more open and spontaneous.

Gemini and cancer find in each other immediately, a warm reception.


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雙子座和巨蟹座相容嗎?| 雙子座和巨蟹座相配嗎? (Are Gemini & Cancer Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide)

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