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  • Hey guys. It's Bex here and welcome to another video in my series You have Four Minutes for

  • Meditation. Today's video is by request and it's for all of you worrywarts out there.

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  • You may have noticed that my meditation spot looks a little bit different today, and that's

  • because I'm at the Maidstone Hotel, an exquisite little getaway in East Hampton, New York.

  • I'm getting away for the weekend with some friends and Mr. Borucki, trying to fit in

  • some quality time before baby number five gets here.

  • I want you to think of meditation as a little vacation, a little getaway from everything

  • else that's going on in your life. But I don't want you to be bringing baggage along like

  • you do on a real vacation.

  • So I'm going to teach you how to leave all of your troubles behind, put them in spots

  • where they belong, and not to bring them with you into your sacred space.

  • I'm calling this my "name and reclaim meditation". So we're going to name the problem, name the

  • issue, whatever is going on, and then we're going to reclaim the moment for ourselves

  • so that we can truly enjoy and stop worrying about things that we have no control over.

  • For this meditation, like with all my meditations, I want you to be comfortable. So pick a nice

  • quiet spot on the floor, on a pillow, on the couch or even in bed like me. You can have

  • your legs one foot in front of the other, crossed in half lotus, full lotus, whatever

  • works for you.

  • Sit up nice and tall by inhaling your shoulders up towards your ears and then exhaling your

  • shoulder blades down on your back.

  • Chin should be parallel to the floor. You can close your eyes now, and let's begin our

  • four-minute meditation.

  • With every meditation, I like to start by just examining and recognizing where we are.

  • Listen to the easy inhales and exhales of your breath. Pay attention to the flow. Don't

  • try to change it. Just fall easily into the pattern that your body is naturally establishing

  • for you.

  • As you pay attention to your breath, it will be affected. So just be patient and allow

  • it to slow on its own.

  • Thoughts may be creeping in, especially if you're worrying. You may be thinking that

  • you don't have time for this, that you should be doing something else. Allow those thoughts

  • to come in and imagine that you have three boxes in front of you. One is for the past,

  • one is for this moment, and one is for the future.

  • Let's name this thought. Place it where it goes and reclaim this moment for ourselves,

  • keeping the box for the present, empty and airy and free from worry.

  • Maybe a thought creeps up about something that happened earlier in the day, something

  • from the past. Recognize and honor that thought and place it in the box labeled "past".

  • Take your time placing it in the box, and with your next exhale, take a look at the

  • present box and notice the beauty of its emptiness and relax.

  • Maybe a thought pops up about a grocery list or something that you have to do later in

  • the day, an errand you have to run, a bill you have to pay. Inhale. Accept the thought.

  • Exhale. Place it in the future box. We will take care of that later.

  • Again, with your next inhale and exhale, notice the emptiness of the present box and allow

  • yourself to feel free in that open space.

  • Take one last deep inhale and exhale with me, and with your next inhale, go ahead and

  • open your eyes. And there's a little tool that you can use in trying to just sort out

  • your worries, sort out your thoughts, and allow yourself to just be present in the moment.

  • It's name, place and reclaim. It's as easy as that.

  • I believe that changing your situation is really more about changing your outlook than

  • your environment. You can shift things around a million different ways. You can end and

  • start relationships. You can reorganize your house. But if you have clutter in your head,

  • if you don't know how to sort out the stuff that's going on inside, then you're really

  • never going to be free of those anxieties and those worries.

  • So it's your outlook. But what's most important is keeping the present moment free from worry,

  • free from clutter - that moment where you're healthy, where your breath is flowing, where

  • it's strong, where you can hear your heart beating, where you know that you're safe,

  • honoring that present moment and knowing that there's nothing that's going to get in the

  • way of you enjoying it. So get rid of that baggage. Place it in a box and move on.

  • I love you guys. Thank you so much for meditating with me. Once again if you have any requests,

  • please leave them in the comments below, and I will see you again soon in another Bex Life

  • video.

Hey guys. It's Bex here and welcome to another video in my series You have Four Minutes for


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