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  • in 2020 We said goodbye to one of the all time greats of rock and roll, another legend taken too soon.


  • Dutch born Eddie Van Halen had an enormous impact on American music and the electric guitar on.

    出生於荷蘭的Eddie Van Halen對美國音樂和電吉他上產生了巨大的影響。

  • That's why we're taking this opportunity to dive into the watch mojo vault and revisit some of our favorite Eddie Van Halen moments and memories.

    這就是為什麼我們要藉此機會深入到手錶mojo vault中,重溫一些我們最喜歡的Eddie Van Halen時刻和記憶。

  • Well, how could we have decent instruments?


  • We don't really even know how to play.


  • That is why we need Eddie Van Halen.


  • What's your favorite Van Halen moment?

    你最喜歡Van Halen的哪一刻?

  • How about your favorite Van Halen song of all time?


  • Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


  • There will be a whole lot of guitar talk later on this list, but before we get there, let's take a look at another instrument Eddie could riff on the keyboard.


  • Here he is at number three on the top 10 songs that make you want to jump get and never get released.


  • Just a few months before the Pointer Sisters production, This rock song is what you might call a classic of the genre.


  • In fact, Jump is so inherently sublime that it's become a staple of sporting hype songs all over the globe.


  • Well, Joe Joe, just look at David Lee Roth in the music video and tell us that he doesn't know exactly what's on our minds.


  • It's just a beautiful, slow buildup of emotion that fuels the soil while stretching the souls of your sneakers.


  • Oh, and then comes that solo and even Mawr synthesizer.


  • When you plan on revolutionizing the electric guitar, you can't just use any old Stratocaster wedged in alongside greats like B B.

    當你計劃革新電吉他時,你不能只用任何老式的Stratocaster和B B等偉大的吉他手一起夾在裡面。

  • King and Angus Young.


  • Eddie's acts of choice was a must have for top 10 iconic guitars of all time, proving the guitars could be more than just the sum of their parts.


  • Guitarist Eddie Van Halen built this as the name implies Frankenstein style from a $50 rejected body and an $80 neck.

    吉他手Eddie Van Halen用50美元拒絕的琴身和80美元的琴頸打造了這把顧名思義的Frankenstein風格。

  • Ed then gutted a pick up from a Gibson 3 35 and the bridge from a fifties vintage Fender Stratocaster and shape the vinyl record into a makeshift pick guard.

    然後,Ed將Gibson 3 35的拾音器和五十年代復古Fender Stratocaster的琴橋挖出來,將黑膠唱片塑造成一個臨時的拾音器護罩。

  • The guitarist was also responsible for the guitars paint job Who's black, white and red shades give it its iconic look.


  • You've definitely never seen a guitar like this before.


  • Everyone knows that iconic intro from Hot for Teacher and it would not have been possible had it not been for Eddie's older brother, Alex, on drums and fun fact.


  • This would not be the last Van Halen family member to join the group, as in 2006, Eddie's son, Wolfgang, joined as the group's bassist.

    這不會是最後一個加入樂隊的Van Halen家族成員,2006年,Eddie的兒子Wolfgang加入成為樂隊的貝斯手。

  • With that in mind, they were a no brainer addition to the top 10 musical siblings.


  • Brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen grew up in a musical household.


  • Their dad, Jan, was also a musician and passed on his passion for music to his sons.


  • Alex eventually took up the drums while Eddie chose the guitar.


  • Luckily, the two lads get along just fine with each other while everyone else well, not so much Theo Van has gone through three lead singers and a bassist.


  • While the Van Halen name has been cursed with lineup changes, the original brothers still enjoyed enormous success.

    雖然Van Halen這個名字一直被詛咒著陣容的變化,但原來的兄弟們仍然取得了巨大的成功。

  • If you're watching this video has a pretty good chance, your ah hardcore Van Halen fan.


  • So you probably already know that David Lee Roth was not the only front man for the band.


  • And while I assume There are tons of diehard Sammy Hagar fans out there.

    雖然我認為有很多Sammy Hagar的鐵桿粉絲

  • It's kind of hard to compete with the swagger and stage presence of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen, and that is why we had to include them.


  • On are 2016 list of the coolest rock vocal guitar duos.


  • Taking cues from Black Sabbath, this duo wreaked havoc on the L A scene long before bands like Motley Crue and Guns and Roses would do the same on while David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen were known to party in their prime.

    他們從黑色安息日樂隊(Black Sabbath)身上汲取靈感,在洛杉磯的現場造成了巨大的破壞,比Motley Crue和Guns and Roses這樣的樂隊更早,而David Lee Roth和Eddie Van Halen在他們的巔峰時期就以派對著稱。

  • Certainly as part of their pop culture image, every rock critic and devoted fan understands the essence of what made Van Halen tick, pure brilliance on the mic and pure mastery on lead guitar.

    當然,作為他們流行文化形象的一部分,每一個搖滾評論家和忠實的粉絲都明白Van Halen的精髓,麥克風上的純粹輝煌和主音吉他上的純粹大師。

  • Not on Lee is Eddie Van Halen, regarded as perhaps one of the best rock guitarists ever.

    不在李上的是Eddie Van Halen,他被認為可能是有史以來最好的搖滾吉他手之一。

  • Nobody compares to the extravagant showmanship of David Lee Wrong uh, right.


  • There's some debate over Eddie's classifications as a shredder among the guitar community, considering that genre is largely instrumental.


  • But when you consider how popular techniques like tapping whammy, bar dives and pinch harmonics became after his time, there's no doubt he fits that description.


  • Here he is at number three on the top 10 Most insane shred guitarists.


  • While some trace the roots of shredding toe Julie John Roth, Alvin Lee or Ritchie Blackmore, Van Halen's debut album in 1978 is widely viewed as its watershed moment when it crossed into the mainstream.

    雖然有些人追根溯源,將碎紙屑的根源指向朱莉-約翰-羅斯、阿爾文-李或裡奇-布萊克莫爾,但Van Halen在1978年的首張專輯被廣泛視為其跨入主流的分水嶺時刻。

  • Okay, Eddie Van Halen and his contemporary rival, the late Randy Rhoads, were far more than mere shredders.


  • But Eddie Van Halen's instrumental solo masterpiece, Eruption Off their debut album, would forever tie Van Halen with the technique and propel him amongst the all time greats.

    但Eddie Van Halen的器樂獨奏代表作《Eruption Off》他們的首張專輯,將永遠把Van Halen與技術聯繫在一起,並把他推向了所有時代的偉大人物之中。

  • Do you get it now?


  • The guy was pretty good at guitar, however, that wasn't so well established yet back in 1978 when their debut album, Van Halen, was released.

    這傢伙吉他彈得不錯,不過,早在1978年他們的首張專輯《Van Halen》發行時,這一點還沒有那麼成熟。

  • But that all changed in a matter of minutes, and that is how he ended up at number two on Top 10 guitar albums of all time.


  • Sure, the Poses were watching David Lee Roth, but the cool kids were all watching Eddie Van Halen.

    當然,"姿勢 "樂隊看的是大衛-李-羅斯 但那些酷酷的孩子們看的是埃迪-範-海倫。

  • Although techniques like string bending, tapping pinch harmonics and playing stupidly loud had been around for decades, no one quite put them together like Eddie Van Halen did, using Ah hot rodding Marshall App and his now infamous Franken Strat on tracks like Running With the Devil Ain't Talking About Love and James crying, Eddie double handedly reshaped electric guitar playing for the next decade.

    雖然像琴絃彎曲、敲擊捏和聲和演奏愚蠢的響聲這樣的技術已經存在了幾十年,但沒有人像Eddie Van Halen那樣把它們結合在一起,在Running With the Devil Ain't Talking About Love和James crying這樣的曲目中使用了Ah hot rodding Marshall App和他現在臭名昭著的Franken Strat,Eddie用雙手重新塑造了接下來十年的電吉他演奏。

  • Critics may have been underwhelmed, but with 10 million copies sold, fans including Jimmy Page certainly were not.


  • Yeah, there's one song that usually comes to mind when discussing this ax man's legacy.


  • I'm not gonna tell you what it is, but here's a hint.


  • Volcanoes.


  • But seriously, this solo toe end all solos was part of what made Van Halen stage shows and tours so exciting.

    但說真的,這個獨奏結束了所有的獨奏,是讓Van Halen舞臺表演和巡演如此激動人心的一部分。

  • If they made a stop in your city, you could bet that at some point in the night the lights would dim.


  • Ah, shadowy figure holding a cigarette would emerge and melt all the faces in the joint.


  • We've been on tour, says March, and I have no better time any time there right now, because I get to go sit down, have myself a nice cold one and listen to the greatest rock and roll guitar playing the world.


  • Mr.


  • You can't have Ben Hailan without Eddie Van Halen And that is how he cracked the number two spot on the top 10 band guitarists.


  • And keep in mind, we had to fit Jimmy Page in somewhere.


  • He burst onto the scene with his drumming brother Alex, and co founded one of the biggest hard rock acts in American history.


  • Eddie Van Halen revolutionized guitar playing with his tapping technique and hard rock style.


  • There's no doubt that Eddie Van Halen leaves behind a legacy as a rock God.


  • So how are you doing?


  • Is your face sufficiently melted?


  • Did these tunes have you dancing in the street or yelling?


  • Jump?


  • Be sure to let us know in the comments below who you think we should profile next.


  • See you next time.


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in 2020 We said goodbye to one of the all time greats of rock and roll, another legend taken too soon.


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