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Oh my god honey...
Where do I begin explaining?
This thing...
You know what?
You know Mark, right?
That friend that I go bowling with.
like 2 times a week
Well uh...
I guess the easy way to start will be starting with him
after we go bowling
we used to go to see movies
There was one time
When was that?
Yeah.. Seems like a month ago
We went to see like one movie in particular .
What was that?
That's right!
That was captain America: the Winter Soldier
Oh my God!
That was a movie
I haven't seen that kind of
that good of a Marvel movie in ages.
I mean that must been
it must been since the Avengers.
I'm like...
Well... you know
like right now she's a cliner
She means a lot for us every now and then.
like you know...
Potentially anything will happen.
Potentially a meteorite can fall down right now you know.
That's like a cosmic level of imagination.
And but potentially you know who knows?
Maybe one day should devise something.
I remember watching a movie.
One documentary.
There is a scientist in the USA
He's called Red Curzvill.
And he has this idea
about ...
what should I call it?
It's called singularity.
And he's thinking the basic you know
all this technology is expanding and advancing
so rapidly you know.
3D graphics for this s***
like in the 1990s.
And now we just basically used that
and we looking forward to
like new ideas like 3D or something like that you know.
We improving that as well.
Now right now
If you look at the movie from like the beginning of the 1990s
that used like 3D graphic
It looks pretty much s***
And I remember you know
people use to go to cinema watch that
That would be like "oh my god! this is unbelievable!"
" it looks so good!"
Now you look at it
and it looks like crap.
just because of
you know...
I mean you compare to the things
that are out now
that is so much better.
I don't know...
It's just things changed you know.
Red Curzvill has this idea about singularity.
you know
technology advancing up to this point
that we actually sort of like become
in a way
like you know
technology keeps going
like 50 years ago computers is used to be like super big you know
Like the computer be use to send like first recons to the space
used to be thatcomputer was the size of this whole room you know
you have more advanced technology
in your own cell phone
So technically if you are able to do it
you could probably organize you know
a space shuttle to be launched to outer space
with the use of technology in any form
I mean just in certification
So that makes you thinking you know
Going forward.
Technology is getting smaller.
Before that it's like whole room of computers and nothing else
Right now you have a small smartphone you know
that fix into your pocket perfectly
you know whose saying
I heard things about people experimenting with chips
that chips this size that you can put into your skin
And like you know
maybe that'll be used for the quick machines
so that you don't have to get your passport.
cause passport is inside of you all the time
you know...
if it comes to that
it would stop people
from you know liking creating
like for example you don't have to carry up cellphone on you
You just have this chip you know
and it does anything for you
I mean like you know
you can like basically go to Wikipedia go to Facebook
without even touching anything you know
just gets the feeling you know
I mean it does have the point
when one of these days somebody is going to discover it
and who knows who's going to be you know
maybe it's going to be something
maybe it's gonna be someone who known as a scientist
maybe it's going to be somebody
somebody who nobody really knows
maybe he is gonna be cleaner or flawers you know
It's uh ...
It's just things that help people work and how you know
you can never really predict another thing or judging people
you can never predict who's gonna be
how much potential people have you know
You can like you know
I'm sure the people you know from elementary school
You know it's always about people like totally
can't fit in with society or something like that
and like you know the losers basic you know
I'm sure these some of them
have like a good jobs or stuff you know
maybe somebody have their own company
maybe somebody's a famous actor
maybe somebody...
is a scientist you know
you know...
with these ideas
interesting things
like you know
how Technology for example is improving us you know
but that goes as if...
a lot of different fields of life you know
goes also with music
in the creating new new ideas
new music and movies
Everything is going forward
Interesting world to be in. Don't you think?
we were all born in now
I mean the world we were born into
is like completely different
What's like completely different?
Nowadays you have children
being born into a world where you know
They don't really know other world has internet
we used to know that
That changed
over time
So just imagine you know
it is like what
not even 30 years since we were born
So imagine what's going to happen in the next 30 years
imaging what the world is gonna look like
when we are like you know
old people in like 70 or 80
or 90 maybe even
something like that
That's gonna be way way in 21 century
And you know
I gess we just have to find out
Who knows?
hey maybe I will invent something cool
maybe I would invent something cool
how do you get the feel of bald people
I mean you know you get like
not totally bald
you know
I don't be like
you don't know hair whatsoever
I mean like
balding people
ike you know
sometimes you get people
who I mean
of course it's going to happen to everybody eventually
especially guys
mostly guys
he get you know this whole here
What is that called?
...or something
I can't pretty remember
you know how you get this balding men
you know I...
Mark knows one guy
He is a boss of this one company
and he's like uh...
he's like
or something like that
His hair is really reseeding
and he gets like you know
he looks like that the Japanese Kappa thing
It's what they like to called that
I mean that's really wrong you know
I mean when they have like uh...
really bald hair here but they still have hairs here
and It looks like Kappa
you know or something like that
I think before he really bald
that's really inappropriate
It's a free country
I can think what I think
but somethings you get these people
who like you know
like most of the hair on the top of the head is gone
but they still have a little bit of hair here
and they try to grow hair really long
so then they can take it like
to the other side you know
so it's like covering the bald top of his hair
I think it's really hilarious
I mean because...
oh come on
who are they fooling?
Everybody can see it
Everybody can see that
basically your head is bald
and you only covering it up
with like the small amount of hair you still have
that might be that inspiration
that might be like some kind of middle age crisis or something
I know it's easy for me to say
cause of basically you know
I am uh...
still in my 20's
but still
I still have some time to go before that happens to me
but there is no way in hell
I'm gonna do something like that
it's like you know
who are you fooling?
you ain't fooling
Anybody? man...
is it why would you even
why would you even do that?
if you wanna have hair to cover
your balding head
you getta to pay or something like
right that doesn't cost too much
Especially if you are a boss of a f****** company
You definitely have the money
Of cause you know
with modern day technology
you can even get hair implant, right?
I'm sure you can afford it
if you are a boss of a company
that shouldn't be a problem for you right?
seems they just up to do that
I mean I can't stop but laughing
and so many things you can do if you know
hair styles
I mean
come on
get all of this guy you know
I mean...
he looks like a ...
this guy on the cover of this book
he looks like a real slut
I don't give a f*** about anything
deal with it
And like you is every sort of it you know
this is the kind of hairstyle
that I like to call
this is how I woke up this morning
I mean that's really cool
I know I haven't done that before
oh ok
technically sometimes
when I had to rush the work
then I do't really have time to do anything about my hair
sometimes I just wear a cap
and I think it's cool
I think that's nature
and you know
I know you women know so much about the appearances
and you have to keep your hair nice and tidy all the time
as men we don't have to do that at all
we can do whatever we want and still cool
we don't have to put up make up
we don't have to put up lipstick
we don't have to put up nail polish
none of these s***
so anyway
but...you know
it's kind of
if any of you have a balding head
you can still do a lot of interesting things
about your facial appearance you know
like umm...
you know that the TV seasons I've been watching pretty reasonly
Breaking Bad
oh my god
that was the awesome TV show
I get Walter White
the main character
yes cancer
and he's rapidly losing his hair
and he decides to
like you know
hell I'm going to lose it a lot of it anyway
so why even bother wife you know
come down the time
I'm going to shave it all anyway
you know
and there's interesting thing about this
it's that like you know
even that kind of
like uh...
facial appearance
you know
the hair
and these beard
keeps changing
as he keeps changing
and like you know
he is like
I mean he can get that for the title
Breaking Bad
turning into a badass
or the character
the main character
Walter White is turning into a badass you know
so he is like you know
he's still got his glasses this season of course
but uh...
you know
he gets this like mother f****** and awesome beard you know
it's really full beard
it's red beard like you know like Viking's beard
or something like that you know
and it's like you know
in the beginning
when you look at him
he just said what the f****** pussy
it just is
oh my god
you know
this guy is a loser if I have ever saw one
for the end of this TV series you know
I don't need the serious or anything like
He's a mental broken
like before that
when he's like on the top of his shape you know
on the top of his
like power or influence
He's got really mother f*** thick this
and here you know
it's pretty feak
and this is you know
and he also like uh...
it's also kind of
they really arrange into a nice way
so it's like really
fits into his character
and of course that's also like
that's also true in television
that's like how it works
well...so you know
I just think that like uh...
facial like features
you know your hair too
or your like facial hair
that kind of express
in a way of what kind of person you are
I mean if you are slut
you don't do anything about it
you just shows you know
if you care about your appearance
and you know you do something
it's kind of expresses what kind of person you are
in a way of course
you know there's more to that
there's more to all of it
than just the way you look
or the way you dress
of course you know
you can't have somebody who's like
really ugly
but then you
find out that they are actually like a genius or something
or they are really interesting people
it's like you know
it's some of the requirements
you don't have to look cool to be cool
I mean it's intertwining that all
but it's
it's not necessity
you know
all of people like to you know
be like free salamander
and this regards people who are fat
or ugly or something like that
they don't care about them
you know that's
when it comes to me
I like to give them a
not even a second chance you know
it's just
I like to judge people by who they are you know
like every conversation with people
not just like ok
asshole asshole asshole
go away
asshole asshole
go away
asshole asshole go away
ok you are the only one can stay
asshole asshole go away
so shallow
comes down to be shallow
ok but
we come back to that stuff about
those bald man
with like you know
the kind of hair
you know covering up
It's just a... I don't know
it is just a sloppy way
and if we talk about company bosses in general
you know
I've met quite a lot
I've heard quite a lot
both from my friends
and you know
from my personal experiences
I 've seen that
I mean of course
you know there is like
Nowadays since
we got to approach
like you know
big companies are evil
stuff like that
I mean that's
not really that easy to
I mean it's
it's not so easy to
the situation overall isn't that
we shouldn't be so quick to judge it
that's what I mean
its a
still I mean
so you
of course you get the good boss
you get bad bosses
you get the good teachers
you get bad teachers
you get uh...
people who ain't people who are asshole you know
but this like
you know
you met several kind of
I mean that
to get into stereotype or anything like that
but I can see
after meeting some bosses
some companies
I can sort of see
maybe not like stereotype
but sort of like pattern
to like all the behave
and like what they want to present themselves
and it's all about
I mean not all of them of course
but like people I'm talking about
this particular kind of boss
so to speak
they like
what they care about most
it's face on you
and then it's like of course
you know you like
you're in charge
you have to operate a company
you have a lot of people working for you
of course it's a responsibility
you can't just be a
you know
you can't show them that you are week
because like basically
you are the foundation of this company
It's like you are the route
you take up the rules you dies
you know
that's another thing you know
people like to bash
riches people all like bosses of big company
for being asshole you know
something like that
but uh...
or they just find out they earned a lot of money
order that the justified in the Arnot mine you know
if you think that the way it works
why don't you open up a company by yourself?
seriously waht stopping you?
It've been so easy you know
all that doing using it
and they
keep earning money for nothing if you keep saying
why don't you open up a company for yourself?
do it
then you wait the
the kind wasn't trying to I mean
Bosses that really about
this particular kind of boss
and It's like about your know face
of course that
there's different kinds of boss but this one
in particular
is like the kind of boss that
how to say it
put that into words
they are like
they have to be the number one star
of the company you know
I used to work for this company sometime ago
this is like International Exhibition you know
like I could see that
this is based in Asia
and I was like you know
the only foreigner worker working in this company
and a lot of people you from all over the world
you know they basically
like you know Asian
It wasn't Asian sport
was being in this Exhibition like you know
a European
a European sports will be in the exhibition hall
you have a European spot
you had like a Middle Eastern spots
near the Asian spot
and they like you know
people they are generally customers
they walk around and there like
in the Asian area you know
when they walk around they like you know
this all the stuff
Asian Asian Asian
I mean when they look at the people staring you know
none of this anything will be Asian
of course you know
like pointed
of course
everybody was there are you know who they are
what was that I was just in the boof
and was like they were expecting
a white guy
to be there
and they like interested in me and they just wanted to
or maybe they are just interested in the products
almost the products
I have to admit that
the product for good
but they like you know
they like okay this I wasn't expecting
this I wasn't expecting
why did I to be here?
for any particular reason or anything
and then they just walked up
and you know and they were like how come you were here
you know just like certain circumstance you know
and that knid of boss was like
holy s***
I kind of don't know what he is thinking
but he looked kind of upset you know
It was like
I don't know
I can imagine that in his mind this way
what the hell
you know like
spotlights should be on our products
won't me
so why is this like you know
why is this white a****** taken over the spotlight
you know how come he is just a nobody in this company
so what the f*** you know
and then I gotta give a s*** in the hood
I've heard stories from other people who
got kind of s*** as well you know and like
even and like you know
go to a party with this company
and that's like you know
that there's some like international customer seocial journey
or some other random people
you know and like
especially unusual that I'm there you know
that's kind of attention for that
but people who want to talk with me
always stock you know
I talk to people
you know but
the people keep talking to you
people start a conversation with me
they wanna talk with me
and this guy is like getting directions to live
I talk to them like
you know
oh I have this friend who like you know
I had a friend to came
and actually she said that was a friend and he actually
he was on TV one time
because there was like
there was some events or holidays
there was someone that was filmimg stuff
and he was thereon TV
the boss was like
oh well you know I'm on TV
like almost every other weekend you know so
think of that you know
what the f*** are you comparing yourself
It's like I don't know
they have like small dicks or something
what kind of problem is that
dude you have a company
why do you have to
do you have anything to worried about yourself
or just you know
I don't know
social status
Poor things of face of value I mean
I don't know I just
never want to be famous or anything like that
I'm not asking for it
maybe somebody does
they are free to do so
you know but just this way of
pushing other people
giving other people shit about
I mean there is
not my fault that there's anything people can talk to me
just like you know
they are being nice
Imean nice yeah
but you should be asking or be
just if
the people wanna talk with me
and they don't wanna talk to you
maybe they've know you already
and like you know
I'm in this company like you know only nobody
kind the guy you know
you are the boss you know so
you give a work like shit about
something like that
but it just like
I don't know
can't really understand
you know so
you can cut of light in so many ways
other ways I don't know maybe I make up a big boss
that's a big step
you know they would find out that would be you know
maybe oneday I would open up my own company on my will
but you know
still you know
you go easily say something like
yeah ok we have this guy in our company
you know so
the costumer could think like like holy s***
this guy is like pretty cool
and he's working for this company
the company
must be awesome
but instead like you know
behind the scene like you know okay
I'm going to put on a smile to make customers happy
and they would like to give you
like nothing
something I even do
not one again
I don't want to get in the territory when I'm judging people
and it's not about that
I like to see people for who they are
not just if you ask
appearences can really be
I mean
you know
like a lot of people
or maybe they are not
but theres
there's some people I know
and I'm sure there's a lot of people like that
who like to
judge people from first of view
like you know
maybe thay meet somebody at the party
and maybe that person wasm't like trying to socialize and talk a lot
or maybe they just don't want to be there
come on everybody has their bad days
like everybody you know
Jesus maybe
maybe you get fired from work
maybe I don't know
you got extra bills to pay
like maybe the police you don't want to
I don't know it's just
you know so many circumstances that could possibly happen
and like why judging you
why judge at this person
If I saw somebody for the second third fourth time you know I will
If you like have a good conversation or good hang out
then I can say
I got the general like
impression of what this person is like
maybe I understand that quite a lot
maybe you know
I've heard seeing somebody like that before
and I can sort of
I can sort of like you know
compare the dislike sort of the same kind of person
then I get nobody is
actually like
100% the same with somebody else
you know
that's like waht
over 6 billion people living in the world
everybody is living their own life
but you know
give them second chance
this might be in person
there's good people and bad people
yeah I mean
especially like
with in
western societies
I'm going to talk about the politics and economics
it's a
there is the thing
like in western society is like
like western part of Europe
when I get to that
what's the western part like America
there's like
pretty big
passion going on about capitalism
I know this are pretty
tough subject
but you know they just said like you know
the source of all evil in the world right now
is huge corporations
and money
and controlling everything like
the banks of all that
of course you know gotta
interesting that
I've been coming from Poland you know
I really gotta say that okay
I have to make a point
They usually said that they like okay
capitalism is the best way to go
and socialism is a good way to go
I come from Poland
our country was forced into socialism
and communism by extension for 50 years
and you know exactly what that means
and like you know
there is a reason why Polish workers are going to England to work
right now 2 million people that has a 22 million
unlike you say like UK
that's okay
okay they do that
because I'm talking with like a person from the UK in London
you know because Poland is Poland
and like okay west UK poor
and the west Poland is poor
Because it's just that
people think like a score of the heat looking to Siri socialism
and go back to marks and stuff like that
it's like a
perfect world
when is perfect
okay I should ever say perfect world parents assist because
everybody should have the same amount of everything
because we are all equal
except we are not
I'm tall
this guy is short
Im sure this guy is tall
and this guy is fat
im a guy
difference is enough
secant just say that you know you want to
to be like this
and Latin God
different people have different opinions
like I said before
the 6 million people a billion people living in this world
how can you say that everybody is the same
they just not different people have different needs
some people like to work hard
on NSU something important
some people don't
some people feel that you know
living with the right now
is it going to go anywhere
I have a good job
even if I'm walking effective and affective
that's good for me
what somebody says like okay
I come from a crappy family
never had anything I want to get something you know
someone don't have something as well for example
I don't want you know
when I was growing up with bands
that have enough money to buy Lakewood shoes for men
they are the Dyson
so Im gonna wake
Im gonna like
make sure that my whole life is about
improving my status
bar financial and social
so might have to do this kind of problems
you know for example
so I can like I mean
maybe we'll adjust ready for socialism
or maybe you just need to be robot
something like that
it just