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  • - What is that song?

  • I like this game, they should make it like a little card game.

  • Hi, I'm Selena Gomez and I'm playing the Emoji Game.

  • Why don't you recognize I'm so rare

  • Billie Ray Cyrus is a part of it.

  • It is, "Old town road?"

  • Ha, got it.

  • Oof, oh, "Look at her now."

  • That's awesome it's two eyes, I like this game.

  • They should make it like a little card game.

  • Eyes, look, and then the @ sign.

  • And then it's a girl.

  • So look at her, and then now is the exclamation point.

  • Ooh, I like it.

  • Okay, there is a paper rings.

  • "Paper Rings", Taylor.

  • Yeah, oh yay, love it.

  • Three rings, rings, circle, three circles.

  • Three circles, circles three, "Circles."

  • Oh, it's Post Malone.

  • That was very confusing.

  • And they're red, that's tricky, you guys,

  • Tried to do a whole thing.

  • This is like, "Dance Monkey", right?

  • This was the little guy going like that.

  • His suit is super cute and then there's a little monkey.

  • That's a good song though, I love that song.

  • Okay, so, oh I already could tell this is Katy Perry.

  • I know what it is it's the Katy Perry song, but I don't know what it's called.

  • It's like, Harley...

  • "Harleys in Hawaii."

  • What is the box?

  • That looks like it's mail.

  • Okay so these are the two Spanish girls.

  • I'm thinking, "Senorita."

  • Ha, knew that one.

  • Oh, wow, thanks this is a tricky one.

  • So there's, "Wolves" by me, yeah?

  • Crown, crown says.

  • Okay, "Crown."

  • Oh, Stormzy, literally all day yesterday I was talking about him.

  • "Party in the USA."

  • Well, thank you so much for watching me do the Emoji Game with Moxi and Sass.

  • I had a great time.

  • ♪ I don't have it all

  • ♪ I'm not claiming to

  • But I know that I'm special

  • Yeah

  • And I'll bet there's somebody else out there

- What is that song?


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