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  • Well, 2020's been quite crazy.

  • There's been lockdowns. There's been protests, online learning.

  • So, it's pretty much been like a roller-coaster, if you know what I mean.

  • It's been hard, pretty much all of it -

  • Not seeing my family and friends, like, new ways of learning.

  • This year has been pretty crazy and very unpredictable, well, with all the fires and the COVID.

  • It's been a shocker of a year, 2020.

  • Everything that I was looking forward to has been cancelled and rescheduled, so it's been horrible.

  • The worst things about this year are that I haven't been able to see my friends and do sport.

  • COVID-19. I mean, that's obvious. (LAUGHS)

  • Having my house burn down and losing the forest.

  • Absolutely the loneliness has been the worst part of this year.

  • The dish today is called...

  • Rice pakora. Yes.

  • The best part was that I got to see my friends on Microsoft Teams, making cooking videos, having fun and being happy.

  • Because we were staying home all the time, we got to spend more time with the family.

  • Having a bit more time on my PlayStation and screentime than usual. Mm-hm!

  • And doing online musicals, like Flat Stanley.

  • ALL: # And if we use the force we could be great

  • # I wish I were a hero... #

  • I learned to code apps, and built my very own called KidKoin.

  • I started a video series on YouTube for kids who wanted to learn to code and build mobile apps.

  • I thought, if you could swipe it...

  • Yeah, yeah. We could have tabs over here.

  • The main thing that's helped me cope with COVID is trying to stay connected with all of my friends.

  • Music, music, music, music, music!

  • I've ignored all the bad news about COVID and what's been happening around the world,

  • and I've...I'm focused on the good.

  • Good girl!


  • BEN: Well, BTN's helped me get through it, for giving me something to focus on.

  • Binge-watching pretty much everything on Netflix or Stan.

  • You name it, I've seen it!

  • BOTH: Kapow! Kapow!

  • What I'm looking forward for next year is that the coronavirus never, ever comes back.

  • I hope to perform in front of a live audience instead of a screen.

  • # I can't let you go... #

  • Well, I hope, next year, that we'll actually find a vaccine for the cure, and then we can just go around freely with our lives.

  • And the arts - I hope the arts will return.

  • My hopes for next year are that we don't need to learn remotely and I can enjoy extracurricular activities, like cricket and swimming.

  • To the kids and families in Melbourne, thank you so much for keeping the virus contained.

  • Happy holidays!

  • Well, to everyone here in Australia...

  • # Have a holly, jolly Christmas. #

  • But I want to see those double doughnuts worldwide!

  • You're all champions. Just hang in there. You'll be fine.

  • You''ll get through it in the end.

  • Enjoy the easing of restrictions, but don't abuse them

  • because I know that nobody in Australia wants to go through what we went through over the past year...again.

  • And for kids around the world, I have to say, in Australia during winter, we went through a really tough second wave.

  • We had days where we had over 700 cases.

  • But for the last three weeks, we've... In my state Victoria, we've had zero cases for three weeks, and so, if we can do it, you can do it too.

  • Hopefully, see you next year! See you later!

Well, 2020's been quite crazy.


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