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  • What's up you guys? It's Sussan Mourad, right back here on Clevver News.

  • And first of all,  we've gotta wish Taylor Swift a very happy 31st birthday!

  • Thank you for the gifts that keep on giving, the sister albums Folklore and Evermore.

  • And speaking of these twowe need to talk about why fans are convinced there's a third sister album on the way

  • Taylor Swift has already done ENOUGH for us in 2020.

  • She's managed to drop not one but two incredible surprise albums.

  • We got Folklore in July, Evermore in Decemberbut now fans think Taylor has another album called Woodvale in the works.

  • And while we were totally shocked by Evermore,  Swifties are now on high alert for any more surprises from Tay.

  • So here's why people think Taylor hasthird sister album for Folklore and Evermore.

  • Over the summer, some fans noticed  the wordevermorehad been written in the corner of one of the pictures  taken from herfolklorephotoshoot.

  • And now fans have realized  that it also appears Taylor  may have done the same with the wordwoodvale.”

  • On thehide and seekversion of  the Folklore alternate album art,  fans noticed the wordwoodvalehidden  in the corner leading them to believe that this could be the third album in a trilogy.

  • People are tweeting things likeWoodvale is the third sisterandwoodvale will be the third album which will come out in the spring and it'll be like a trilogy- woodvale, evermore & folklore

  • Others pointed out that Woodvale is a place in the UK nearthe lakesthat her songthe lakes is about and wondered if Taylor and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn had stayed there at some point.

  • And this fan also noted that Woodvale is alsodistrict in Pennsylvania, where Taylor was born.

  • Lots to unpack there!

  • It's important to note that Taylor hasn't confirmed or denied any of this speculation…  

  • but she is the queen of Easter eggs and so she wouldn't just put Woodvale  on there for no reason right?!

  • Maybe she hadn't decided what  she was going to title Evermore…  

  • Like maybe Woodvale was an  alternate title? Who knows.

  • Either way, fans REALLY want there to be  a third sister for Folklore and Evermore and have some other reasons why they  think these albums are part of a trilogy.

  • Some of the merch on Taylor's site is being sold in sets of three.

  • Fans have noticed that the color schemes match up with Folklore and Evermore,  but there's a third color that  doesn't match with anything.

  • People think that this third color could  possibly be the color scheme for Woodvale.

  • Others even pointed out that Taylor's merch comes with confetti in three different colors.

  • Again one color that matches with each of the two other albums,  with a third color that doesn't go with either.

  • At the moment, it's all just speculationalthough some fans think they've found another Easter egg that reveals  Woodvale would drop in March 2021.

  • I think for now, we're just going to  keep enjoying Folklore and Evermore and we will keep you guys posted if we hear  anything else about this Woodvale theory.

  • If you want more on Taylor Swift  and her Evermore Easter eggs,  click right over here for another Clevver News video.

  • Then, be sure to let me know if you think Taylor is working on the 3rd album or if you think Woodvale was just an  alternate name for Evermore in the comment section below.

  • I'm your host Sussan Mourad, you can find  me on Instagram @Sussan_Mourad, bye guys!

What's up you guys? It's Sussan Mourad, right back here on Clevver News.


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