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I have definitely had my fair share of embarrassing moments.
From falling flat on my face on stage when I was in 5th grade to everyone finding out about different crushes I had.
That one definitely happened multiple times.
But the important thing is, even though those situations were incredibly embarrassing, I survived them and you can survive your embarrassing moments, too.
Start by laughing at yourself.
If people are laughing at you, it's probably because whatever happened is funny and that's okay.
Just laugh with them.
Show them that you're not that worried about it.
It's not a big deal, you know?
And if it is a big deal and it really hurts that they're laughing, pretend it's not.
Smile, laugh through it, you'll get over it sooner than you think.
Everyone has embarrassing moments.
I've already told you that I have.
Everyone I know has had something really embarrassing happen to them and all of them have survived it.
See if you can learn something from that situation.
So I probably couldn't have predicted that I was going to fall on stage.
But I definitely could've been a little bit more careful about who I was telling my secrets to.
Take away from it what you can.
Remember that this will pass.
You will get over it and it will be okay.
Those things I was talking about don't even embarrass me anymore.
Like most evil terrible things in middle school, you will get through the most embarrassing moment of your life.
And honestly it's probably not the... barra... uh... most embarrassing moment of your life as you'll learn.
There will be many more but you will get through each and every single one of them.


如何克服尷尬 (How to Get Over an Embarrassing Moment | Middle School)

65423 分類 收藏
David 發佈於 2014 年 6 月 29 日
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