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We're coming up of a year the biggest protest result ever seen, some of the
most aggressive
We've got corruption,
financial waste, all of the soccer hooligans are coming to descend on Brazil as well
You got a pissed off population. It seems like a very, very large powder keg
In 2007, FIFA chose Brazil to host the World Cup
It seems like a brilliant idea
hosting the World Cup in the most football-fanatic country on the planet
little did they expect that would become the focus of some of the largest protest
Brazil has seen in decades.
This mass civil uprising began in June of 2013
and it surprised even the most jaded Brazilians, hundreds of thousands of people
paralyzed the cities across the country over a 20 cent increase in bus fares
The police response was brutal in the beginning
Elite military police units trained to pacify real slums
were brought to quell demonstrations, but the police violence drove more people
into the streets
The police are the most corrupt in the world
They aren't trained to think, the order is to attack.
For the first time anyone can recall, the people began to lose their fear of the police

The protests have been remarkable for another reason
The public outrage bridged the wide class differences in Brazil
Rio's college-educated kids are fighting side by side with party protesters from
the favela who was born at front of Brazil's brutal police force
Thanks to the World Cup, they now have a common enemy - FIFA,
the world governing body of football
and the unrivaled capitalism that it represents.
In exchange for hosting the World Cup
FIFA demanded upgrades to Brazil's infrastructure and internal security
that's ballooned into the most expensive in football history
some 15 billion dollars.
The government insists that all of the spending is worth it
We have the army, the navy, the air force,
the Rio police, the federal police
more than 20,000 men to provide all the security and comfort
for those coming to the World Cup.
But the past year has shown the population is fed up
Cup no way! Fuck you FIFA! This outrage can only be contained
through a massive mobilization of troops
170,000 military and police are being deployed to secure the games
New laws have granted the military and police special powers to arrest demonstrators
In a country emerging from decades of military dictatorship
FIFA and the World Cup have given the police and armed forces a new reason to
flex their muscles
Team Brazil may do its magic during the World Cup
but this is not about football anymore
In rio we join probably the most peaceful protest of the year,
the annual Marijuana March where everyone is too stoned to cause trouble
we went there to meet up with Matias who has been filming the chaos in the streets from
day one last year
He's part of the Movement and activist of his own right who is
not afraid to get his camera up in the face of the police
What's your problem? Are you cornered?
Are you guys afraid? Do you have fear?
You are shooting randomly, what the fuck? Are you afraid of us?
You are crazy! Go fuck yourselves
You shot my camera you piece of shit
Go fuck yourself you son of a bitch
After hurling a bear can at a cop last year,
he was arrested, but even that didn't stop him from filming
We headed to downtown Rio where one of the largest riots take place
to get an insider's perspective on what the demonstrations are really about
Let's go. I think we're gonna run for it. Let' go.
That's real Rio de Janeiro way of crossing the street. You know?
We began with the the bus fares. The mayor was reelected
As soon as office they raised the bus fares
both Rio and Sáo Paulo you know that got people really pissed off
it's like they've been tricked you know
It sounds like politics man
It's not about only 20 cent
It's about everything. It's about the quality of life, it sucks.
And in Rio and Sáo Paulo, the big cities
and the big events such as the World Cup and Olympics.
Half part of it's because people are seen like how many money founded
But the World Cup you know is already the most
expensive World Cup of history
And it's all for people who don't live here It's all for the tourists
and it's sad because the Brazilians are so fanatic to football and
just like they're missing the best of the part
they're hosting the party but they can't be there. Yeah. Suck that.
Matias is taking us to one of the largest protests in Rio's history
took place last year
Most of the protests until then had been hidden from sight
and confined to poor areas in the favelas but this uprising took place right in
the middle of downtown Rio
There was the you know the protest going out all over the country something like
Oh my god there's the fucking revolution coming.
There's the fucking day I waited all my life you know
People torched the car down there
I got the final chance to first time see a
car burning and
they don't explode like in American movies. They don't explode? No, they just burn
burn burn
It was all expecting should it be exploding? No, it didn't
You didn't get your action movie sequel time huh. haha yeah
if the Brazilian team plays really bad you know
like in the 2006 World Cup they suck it they played really bad you know
yeah if that happens again things can get out of control
because then all the population will be pissed off with their Brazil national team
and come on now there's more like a
one week of this gringos(foreigners) having party here
you know that can be frightening so what you're saying is
we're coming up of a year the biggest protest results ever seen
some of the most aggressive.
We've got corruption, financial waste just
spread all over. Then, all of the soccer hooligans are coming to descend on
Brazil as well
yeah, so, you've got all the soccer hooligans, you got pissed off population
it seems like a very very large powder keg yeah
Football and politics are so intertwined in Brazil
that whether by accident or design the presidential elections always happened in
the same year as the World Cup
the World Cup has been seen as a way for the government to boost its ratings
and there's an official view that Brazilians love for football
will override all of the problems. I don't believe we will have protests during the World Cup.
I believe the World Cup will be protected
by the people's will to support such a big event.
I think that when the teams from all around the world start to arrive in Brazil,
and the tourists from all around the world
start to arrive in Brazil,
we will have more of a party environment than an atmosphere of protest.
But the events in Rio last year proved otherwise
and could be an indication of what to expect during the World Cup in the city
on June 30th 2013 Undefeated Spain played Brazil in the Confederations Cup Final
at Maracanã stadium in Rio. This would be kind of a dry run for the World Cup
6,000 police were deployed around the stadium versus 1200 protesters
At 7 p.m. the match started
and with just a minute and a half into the game, Brazil got its first chance for
an attack
Fred number nine made an astonishing goal while lying down
outside the stadium, protesters played football with tear gas canisters
the police engaged a Molotov cocktail throwing protesters with rubber bullets
tear gas and stun grenades
Fred, one of the best attackers in football said that he done a lot of good things

but never a goal.
Outside, the riot became more dramatic as the game continued reaching a final climax as
Brazil's Neymar fired a second goal
his left foot high above the goalkeeper Brazil pummeled Spain's 3-0 defeating
Spain's record 29-game winning streak but this spectacular win wasn't enough
to keep protesters off the streets
There will be no Cup!
There will be no Cup!
What's up? Any bullet marks on this car? I'm serious. Are there any?
The dictatorship is over for the rich, but it goes on for the poor.


光鮮亮麗的巴西世界盃背後:貪汙腐敗的另一真實面 Contra A Copa: The Other Side of Brazil's World Cup (Part 1)

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