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Hello. Do you do this every day in the mirror? This is called "mascara". Today, I'm going
to teach you about beauty -- beautiful vocabulary. The first one that I said is "mascara". We
use this on our eyelashes. Now, it's very funny because when we do this, we always have
to open our mouth. Guess what? We can do it without opening our mouth, too. But maybe
we are afraid that we'll poke ourselves in the eye. I'm not too sure, ladies. So if you're
interested in make-up or cosmetics, this lesson's for you. Let's begin.
Here, I have a list of verbs we use, and here are some nouns. So let's begin with the verbs.
"Put on" or "apply". These two verbs are the same. We use these when we talk about make-up.
So you can "put on" mascara. So you're going to take your mascara, and you're going to
"put it on" or "apply" it. Now, if you look at my beautiful face here, the mascara will
go on your eyelashes. You have to be very, very careful. You have to say "eyelashes",
not "eyelash". "Eyelash" is one. You, I guarantee, do not put mascara on one eyelash. It would
almost be impossible. You'd have to very carefully -- it's not going to happen. So on our eyelashes,
we put on or apply -- they're the same -- mascara. It makes our eyelashes longer and bigger,
so you can wink more at people. Wink, wink.
The next thing that maybe you wear if you're a lady -- maybe if you're a man you wear this,
too. I don't know. -- is eye shadow. Now, there are many, many, many different colors
of eye shadow. This one happens to have blue, green -- some other colors. We also get with
the eye shadow a little brush, so you can brush on the eye shadow. You can use your
finger. Doesn't matter, really. I'm very sure that professional make-up artists would have
very special brushes that would cost a lot of money. I am not a professional make-up
artist, so I'm not too sure about the different kinds of brushes that one would apply mascara
-- or eye shadow with. But I do know that it adds color to your eyelids. So underneath
your eyelashes are -- the skin here, which is your eyelids. You can paint them whatever
color you'd like. Okay? It's up to you. Purple. You want purple?
So we put on or apply mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. Now, eyeliner looks like a pencil,
but it isn't. This is not eyeliner. I just don't have any eyeliner. But it would look
like a pencil. And all you're going to do is take it, and you're going to actually line
the outside of your eyes. Don't put it in your eye. It's going to hurt again.
So with the mascara for your eyelashes, the eye shadow that will go on your eyelids or
the skin above your eyes, and the eyeliner will go around the top and bottom of your
eyes. It just makes your eyes look bigger. Do my eyes look bigger? That might work, too.
Moving on from the eyes, we're going to move down under the eyes. Now, ladies, let's say
one night you are out partying, talking, or drinking coffee a little bit too late. You
wake up the next morning. You look in the mirror, and it looks like you are very, very
tired. Your eyes -- maybe at the bottom here -- are puffy. We have an idiom or an expression
for that. Very strange, but we call it "bags under your eyes". "Bags?" Now, it's not a
shopping bag. You're not shopping at night. You're not doing Internet shopping. "Bags"
just means it's really full under your eyes. So maybe when you wake up in the morning,
you kind of have something that looks like this. You think, "How am I going to get to
work with bags under my eyes?" Well, we have the magic of the make-up industry of something
called "concealer". Now, a "concealer" basically will erase the bags under your eyes, and it
will make your skin tone an even color. So if you have freckles -- I have freckles. "Freckles"
are little dots on your face -- and you don't like them, you can use concealer to cover
or hide -- conceal -- your freckles. Or if you have a zit. What's a zit? A "zit" is when
you get a red point or a dot on your face. We call this -- the slang word for it is "zit".
But in a more medical term -- and you can have many zits, don't worry -- is "acne".
So acne is a skin condition. A lot of teenagers -- so people that are aged 12 to maybe 18
-- it's really common to have acne or zits. So the concealer will hide the zits on your
face -- hopefully. Okay?
Now, we're going into a very, kind of crazy, little strange, I think, subject. Let's do
it. We're talking about eyebrows. Funny story. One time, a student said, "Teacher, Teacher.
You do not have eyebrows." I said, "I sure do have eyebrows." So I pulled one out, and
I gave it to him. It's very difficult to see my eyebrows because they're blonde. But most
people have very dark or black eyebrows. And sometimes, if you have very dark and black
eyebrows, we need to make them look better. So first of all, "eyebrows" are the hairs
above your eyes. They're going to look like this.
Some people have hair in the middle above their nose that kind of makes it look like
one eyebrow. We have a slang word for this. It's called a "unibrow". Hee hee hee! So "uni"
means one, so "unibrow". So to help you reduce your unibrow factor, we have some magic -- some
make-up beauty magic tips. I have here a box of eyebrow wax. Oh, yes. So eyebrow wax is
basically a very sticky substance. It's actually a wax like we would use for a candle. And
you heat this, so you put it in the microwave or -- I don't know. Maybe get a lighter. And
you actually put the wax, hot, onto your eyebrows. Then, you take a piece of cloth, and you stick
it onto your eye. You've to wait a couple seconds, and then you rip it off. [Screams]
It hurts. It really, really hurts. But it does a really good job.
So what you can do is you can wax your eyebrows. Now, "wax" is a verb, and it's also a noun.
So you can say, "I wax my eyebrows." Another thing that you can do is -- uh-oh. These things
-- these are called "tweezers". Tweezers. Tweezers. "Tweezers" -- we're going to use
the verb "pluck". Please be very careful with your P. "Pluck", okay? So "pluck" means you
actually take the hair, and you rip it out. And then you take it, and you rip it out again.
It hurts as well. Eyebrows are a very sensitive part of your face, and it really hurts, I
think, anything you try and do to them. But the process of using tweezers and plucking
your eyebrows or waxing your eyebrows -- the purpose of this is to actually get rid of
your unibrow.
Sometimes, people go a little too far. I hate to say it, but I have seen some people who
have their eyebrows completely removed, and they get a tattoo. And the tattoo is a line.
Personally, I think it looks unnatural. And everyone looks angry all the time if you just
have one line across your face. It's your choice. If you'd like to get a tattoo on your
eyebrows, go for it. It's probably painful.
Speaking of pain, the last verb that I get to teach you about your eyebrows is something
called "thread", okay? "Thread" is a verb. We usually use it in the -ing form. I think
it originated in the Middle East because one time, when I was in the Indian neighborhood
of Toronto, they had a sign that said, "Eyebrow threading, $5." "Five dollars? I like $5.
Maybe I should get my eyebrows threaded. I don't know what that is." My best friend -- thank
you -- said go, go, go do it, Ronnie. You'll love it. It looks great. It looks awesome."
I was like, "Okay." Five dollars, I lay down in a chair; a lady took two pieces of thread.
So "thread" is like thick string. And I don't know how she did it. But she took these two
little pieces of string, and she ripped off my eyebrows, and she ripped off the other
part of my eyebrow. It was very, very, very painful. Apparently, it's one of the best
techniques to get rid of the unibrow and to shape your eyebrows. I think I will stick
to the good old plucking.
How about you? What do you do to keep your face beautiful?
Men: Do you have a nose? I think you do. Women, we have a nose as well. However, men have
a curious, curious thing called "hair", "nose hair". And what happens as men get older,
is their nose hair begins to grow out of their nose. So maybe you're looking at your father
or your grandfather or your boyfriend or your husband. You're like, [screams] "Ah! You have
a nose hair coming out of your nose." Ladies, grab your tweezers. Pluck those nose hairs.
I promise it does not hurt. Yeah. Okay, gentlemen. It does not hurt. It just -- it doesn't hurt.
You're men. You don't even feel pain. So grab the tweezers. Pluck out your nose hair.
Make sure that your eyebrows are nice and neat. Apply or put on some mascara, eye shadow,
or eyeliner to your eyes, and hide those unsightly bags with some concealer. Are you beautiful?
I think you're beautiful without make-up. But this is a lesson for you. Goodbye.


【英語字彙】一邊打扮,一邊學美妝用品 (Learn English Vocabulary: Beauty and Makeup)

47956 分類 收藏
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