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  • I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from more self compassion.

  • It makes me nervous, it feels uncomfortable but I can see how it can be potentially life-changing.

  • Step #1 think of a situation in your life that is difficult

  • and causing you stress.

  • Okay. #2 Call the situation in mind and see if

  • you can actually feel the stress and emotional discomfort in your body.

  • Yeah I can definitely feel it in my neck and shoulders. I know that's where I carry a

  • lot of my anxiety. Okay. Step #3 Say to yourself this is a moment of suffering.

  • This acknowledgement is a form of mindfulness, of simply noticing what's

  • going on for you emotionally in the present moment without judging that

  • experience as good or bad. You can say to yourself, this hurts or this is stress.

  • Use whatever statement feels most natural to you.

  • So... this sucks. How many more days left of this do I have? So just saying this is

  • stress or this sucks and but that's okay. Those are statements that feel natural to me.

  • Step 4 Say to yourself, suffering is a part of

  • life. This is a recognition of your common humanity with others, that all

  • people have trying experiences and these experiences give you something in common

  • with the rest of humanity. Other options include: other people feel

  • this way, I'm not alone, or we all struggle in our lives.

  • I think the I'm not alone statement really resonates with me. I think that a

  • lot of other active-duty military psychiatrists probably have somewhat of

  • a similar sentiment. Just that knowledge that you're not alone it really really

  • helps. #5 - put your hands over your heart feel the warmth of your hands

  • and the gentle touch of your chest and say, May I be kind to myself

  • This is a way to express self-kindness. You can also consider whether there is

  • another specific phrase that would speak to you in that particular situation.

  • Examples include: May I give myself to compassion that I need. May I had learn to

  • accept myself as I am. May I forgive myself. May I be strong and may I be

  • patient. Oh may I learn to accept myself as I am. I think that really hits the

  • nail on the head. May I learn to accept myself as I am

I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from more self compassion.


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Being Kinder to Yourself

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