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  • One in four people receive an unwanted gift at Christmas.

  • But only six percent of those are daring enough to ask for a replacement.

  • So what are we all doing with them?

  • Every Christmas you would end up having someone unwanted gift.

  • When I was younger if I got a shirt I didn't like, I would just probably give it to charity or something.

  • I will always just get given socks and I only really like wearing trainer socks, so I just give them to other people, or throw them out, or use them as cleaning products.

  • You got to smile. You got to be like 'thank you, I love it!'

  • If I don't like it and I feel good with that person, I'll say 'please, would you mind if we go to the shop and change that because it's not really my style.'

  • No I was never that cold.

  • I couldn't handle doing something like that.

  • I don't know if I should be saying this. Yes okay. So they pulled off a prank obviously, the work colleagues, so they gave me a - an item from the [******]. I just didn't know what to do with it.

  • I have one friend, I gave her a t-shirt in a colour that I liked but I don't think she liked it. It was just her manner, her body language.

  • I always know that person's tastes. So I've never been in that situation.

  • I would sort of include the gift receipt in there. If they don't like it, or they want to exchange it for something else, they can do it themselves any time.

  • You really do have to think of people and their personalities before you choose a gift.

  • If you've received something you don't like, you're best off asking the person who bought it to return it for you.

  • If you don't want to do that and you've got a gift receipt, it should be relatively easy to return.

  • Gift receipts usually allow you to exchange for a different item at the same value.

  • Without a gift receipt or the original payment card, it's a bit trickier to return unwanted goods because you're reliant on knowing where the item was purchased from as well as the goodwill of the retailer to let you return it.

  • It's not guaranteed but it's worth a shot, so if you know where it's from try asking politely in-store, or if it's an online retailer contact its customer service and you might be able to get store credit.

  • For all your customer rights on returning gifts visit

One in four people receive an unwanted gift at Christmas.


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不需要的聖誕禮物 - Which? (Unwanted Christmas gifts - Which? investigates)

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