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  • We've got a bunch of exciting news to share with you today, so let's get started.


  • Google has finally given us everything we need to know about Google stadia, including pricing, released a and, of course, the games that will be available at launch.


  • Google Stadium will be accessible via Google's Chromecast Ultra, the chrome browser on PCs and tablets and the stadium app on the pixel.

    谷歌體育場將通過谷歌的Chromecast Ultra、PC和平板電腦上的chrome瀏覽器以及像素上的體育場應用進行訪問。

  • Three phones with plans to expand to more phones after launch.


  • If you'd rather play on your laptop, desktop or tablet, open a chrome browser window, the games will be controlled via the stadia controller Google says the controller is designed for streaming games with buttons for screenshots and accessing the Google assistant.


  • However, users will also be able to use other controllers or a mouse and keyboard.


  • There's no downloads, no patches, no installs.


  • Just grab your controller and you're in The stadium.


  • Controller will connect directly to Google servers, which will be handling all of the processing needed to run the game.


  • The controllers will cost $69 and will be available in three colors clearly white, just black and wasabi.


  • The games will be playable in various formats with Max Specs being 60 frames per second in four K HDR games available.

    遊戲將以各種格式播放,最大規格為60幀/秒的四款K HDR遊戲可供選擇。

  • I launch will include Destiny to Boulders Gate three, Mortal Kombat 11.


  • Tom Clancy's The Division to Final Fantasy 15 and More.


  • That's a look at just some of the amazing titles were bringing to you at launch Stadia is scheduled to launch this November.


  • However, the Stadium Founders edition will be the on leeway to play at launch.


  • It will cost $129 and will include a limited edition night blue controller, a Chromecast Ultra, a three month stadia pro subscription and a three month passed to give to a friend.

    它的價格為129美元,將包括一個限量版的夜藍控制器、一個Chromecast Ultra、三個月的stadia pro訂閱和三個月的傳球送給朋友。

  • We call it the Stadium Founders Edition, and you can preorder it.


  • Starting today, customers who sign up for the Founders edition can enroll in the Stadia Pro plan, which will cost $9.99 a month after their initial free three months ends, it delivers the best of stadia for just 9 99 per month.

    從今天開始,註冊Founders版的客戶可以註冊Stadia Pro計劃,在他們最初的三個月免費結束後,每月將花費9.99美元,它提供最好的體育場,每月只需9 99美元。

  • Four k hdr 60 frames per second with 5.1 surround sound.

    四個k hdr每秒60幀,5.1環繞聲。

  • Access to individual games without a monthly membership will come in 2020 simply by the Games you want when you want them.


  • We call the stadium base.


  • In any games you purchase, They're yours to play whenever you want.


  • Customers will be able to buy and keep games already available on stadia.


  • Stadia will be available in 14 countries at launch, including the U.


  • S, Canada, the UK, France and Germany.


  • What do you think?


  • Will you sign up for stadia at launch?


  • Is it too expensive or just right?


  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Mhm.

We've got a bunch of exciting news to share with you today, so let's get started.


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谷歌終於公佈了Stadia的定價、遊戲和發佈日期。 (Google Finally Reveals Stadia Pricing, Games, And Release Date)

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