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  • (narrator) Give yourself a birthday present this year

  • – a better chance at having a birthday next year.

  • You may pump up balloons only once a year.

  • But your arteries are under pressure every second.

  • When your heart is pushing blood,

  • that’s the big number.

  • And at rest,that’s the small one.

  • Check your blood pressure every birthday

  • at home, at a store,

  • or any medical visit.

  • If the push number is 140 or greater,

  • or the rest number is 90 or greater,

  • time to see your doctor, immediately.

  • You don’t want this surprise

  • [balloon breaks] pop

  • Because high blood pressure

  • can ruin the rest of your birthdays, permanently.

  • Check your blood pressure on every birthday.

  • If it’s high,

  • see your doctor and follow their advice,

  • so you can celebrate next year, too.

(narrator) Give yourself a birthday present this year


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血壓的直觀解釋 (Blood Pressure Explained Visually)

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