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On average, we spend 6 years eating,
chomping through 60 tons of food, the same weight as an adult sperm whale.
It's in a lifetime. Not just one sitting.
Don't do it to yourself.
It's so good.
The reason we enjoyed gorging ourselves is because food tastes so nice.
And the thing that helps you taste is actually your nose.
When you chew food, vapour is release at the back of the nose
in the process called “Retronasal Olfaction”.
Basically it tells you the taste of the flavour when actually you’re smelling.
And we should have a little test to demonstrate this point.
We gained to be rigid to drink from 3 beakers
containing 3 different liquids wearing a nose clip.
Does my nose looking good with this?
So what does he think is in Beaker 1?
I have no idea what that is. It's wet.
Anything coming through?
Probably citric. Maybe lemon.
Beaker 2
Out that squash coz it's a strong flavour.
And beaker 3
Oh, that’s quite sour…lemon!
Ok now take the nose clip off, please
and just quickly taste them in order again.
That’s cold tea.
Orange juicy squash isn’t it?
You got that one right.
This one… Is that a lemon juice?
And it is malt vinegar.
Now the boys are game to design their own food
and subject it to scrutiny from professional food tasters.
These people have made a career at meeting that paid by food manufacturers
to give early feedback before the product has launched.
And it is their heightened sense of taste that can make or break a new snack.
We're going to make our own flavour crisps using these special powders.
Pretty fancy
Well, I don't know.
Possibly. I haven't tried that before.
We need to revolutionize the flavours of crisps.
Brown pickle is my first choice with Tutti Frutti.
that sounds like a classic to me I tell you.
I'm going for Aniseed and Mediterranean Herbs.
Tastes good!
With such strong artificial flavors, only tiny amounts are required for explosive results.
I might scare…
But what about Johnny’s Tutti Frutti and Pickle flavour?
It's time for the tasting panel to apply their professional taste buds to the boys' crisps.
What on earth will they make of their weird flavors?
First up is Johnny’s horrific sounding Tutti Frutti and Pickle Delight.
Here we go, the crunch!
Do you like it?
No! Too much confusion on the flavors.
That’s not pleasant flavour.
Johnny? Did he say it's unpleasant?
Yes! How dare he!
And now, it's Richard's turn to face the panel.
Right here we go.
First reactions?
No! I don't believe it!
It is rose real something like that.
I balanced it. You see. I balanced those herbs.
Would you like it?
Sorry boys but it came to the crunchy and it didn't have what it takes.


其實我們是用鼻子在「品嚐」食物?來看看這個食物測試的結果! I Didn't Know That - Food Tasters

51820 分類 收藏
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