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  • OK, so we have to get you a sword, a shield, blue pants--

  • oh, and I can give you the mustache I wore last Halloween?

  • Oh, come on, so what if you didn't

  • get the role of the princess?

  • Being a knight is awesome.

  • At least you're not playing a tree.

  • Gender role stereotypes are when a person

  • is expected to act in a certain way based

  • on society's expectations related to their gender.

  • Traditional gender roles go back to a time when

  • there were clear, and at times, unequal rules

  • about how people were expected to act based on their gender.

  • People who were born male were expected

  • to be strong and aggressive, not emotional--

  • and, of course, to love sports.

  • People who were born female were expected

  • to be kind and nurturing, emotional and domestic--

  • meaning, they were all supposed to be able to cook and clean.

  • Gender role stereotypes also affect people's understanding

  • of who is beautiful and who is not.

  • People still go to great lengths to try and conform

  • to these unrealistic ideals they see in popular media.

  • They diet, obsessively exercise, and go through plastic surgery.

  • Additionally, strict stereotypes about gender police people's

  • emotions.

  • Girls are not expected to show anger,

  • and boys aren't supposed to be empathetic, nurturing,

  • or vulnerable.

  • Luckily, as times have changed, so have people's expectations

  • about gender roles.

  • More and more people are free to behave

  • in ways that are true to who they really are.

  • And that is a good thing.

  • Until next time.

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  • or go to my YouTube channel to watch more.

  • Bye.


OK, so we have to get you a sword, a shield, blue pants--


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Gender Roles and Stereotypes

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