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  • everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech with the last of the embarrassing


  • mistakes to round out our month here of 14 videos celebrating 14 years in


  • business for Tarle speech our word today is breath and breath is air in and


  • out of the lungs versus the word breast which can mean a chest or mammary


  • glands of a woman so let's take a look at both of these words and we're going

    腺的女人 所以我們來看看這兩個詞,我們要。

  • to break these words into three parts to attack this whole situation here


  • all right so number one we have the B R combination br br br to do this what you're

    好吧,所以第一,我們有B R組合brbrbr做這個你是什麼?

  • going to do is you are going to have your lips closed for the B while your


  • lips are closed for the b think in your brain I'm going to say an R sound


  • and get your tongue in position for the R sound as you know if you've been


  • watching my videos the tip of your tongue can either be down with a back


  • pulled up or the tip of the tongue can be flipped back with the back of the


  • tongue scrunched back so if you have your tongue ready for the R br br all you do

    舌頭向後縮,所以如果你的舌頭已經準備好了,你要做的就是R br br

  • is open your lips from the B into that square tense lip shape for the R and you


  • should have the br be sure to do this smoothly you don't want to say bah ruh


  • there's no extra vowel in there br br next we're going to move to that

    那裡沒有多餘的元音 br br 接下來,我們將移動到這一點。

  • short e sound to do that you're going to have your mouth slightly open and your


  • lips are going to be more relaxed and the tip of your tongue will be between


  • your top and your bottom teeth you can see it just peeking out eh eh eh

    你的上牙和下牙 你可以看到它只是露出來 嗯嗯嗯。

  • if you're having trouble with this you can actually try to touch the inside of


  • your teeth with the back of your tongue this helps some people and that will


  • help you get your tongue and the right spot for that sound so we have breath


  • and then for the first word breath we're going to end this word by sticking your


  • tongue out of your mouth allowing the air to


  • over the top of your tongue and I tell my students do not touch your teeth so


  • that you do not say the T sound because when you say the T sound that's going to


  • lead our mistake in this next word so let's put this all together breath


  • breath breath now for the word breast they start exactly the same way but then


  • what you're going to do is you are going to end with the s T I think this happens

    你要做的是,你要結束與S T 我認為這一切都會發生。

  • because for the th one of the mistakes I hear is that people keep their tongue in


  • their mouth and when you keep your tongue in your mouth it sounds like a sss


  • sound and then they touch the teeth behind the tip of the tongue to the back


  • of the top front teeth and that makes the T sound so then you have breast


  • breast breast so let's contrast those two words we have breath breath breath

    乳房 乳房 所以我們來對比一下這兩個詞,我們有呼吸 呼吸 呼吸

  • and breast breast breast and let's try it in a sentence


  • when you take a deep breath your breast will rise and fall give it a try I know

    當你深呼吸的時候,你的胸部會起伏的 你試試吧,我知道了

  • people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful


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  • questions check out many many answers that we have for you on Tarle Speech


  • dot com thanks so much

    點點網 非常感謝

everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech with the last of the embarrassing


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