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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech just wanted to let everyone know


  • that starting next week I'm going to have a new series every Tuesday called 2


  • for Tuesday what does that mean it means that every Tuesday I'm going to present

    週二是什麼意思 這意味著每個週二我都要為大家介紹一下

  • you a quick mini lesson on how to say two words that are spelled differently


  • but pronounced the same it's a great great way to learn vocabulary and also


  • to improve your pronunciation quickly so as a little intro for this week I have a


  • Halloween word for you that I just got a request for and I love it and the word


  • is how do I pronounce Eerie which can mean frightening or scary and Erie the


  • lake or the city so let's go ahead and look at these words we have e e RI e

    湖泊或城市,所以我們繼續看這些詞,我們有e RI e。

  • that means scary or frightening and then Erie which is one of the Great Lakes or

    這意味著可怕的或可怕的,然後伊利 這是一個偉大的湖泊或。

  • a city in the u.s. to pronounce these words we're going to say ear like your

    在美國的一個城市 發音這些單詞 我們會說耳朵像你的。

  • ear and then add that long e ear e Erie so what we're doing for this one is we're


  • going to smile for that long first in the e and then we're going to move to


  • that er sound quickly with no break in between those two sounds to make the r


  • sound square tense lip tips of the tongue pointed down or flipped back


  • whichever you prefer and then end by smiling and pulling those lips back and


  • saying e eerie eerie eerie so on Halloween the kids like to be scared in


  • Erie Pennsylvania which is near Lake Erie and they like to go to the Eerie


  • haunted house give it a try I know people are going to notice the

    鬧鬼的房子給它一個嘗試 我知道人們會注意到的

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  • Google Play and iTunes and we'll see you again on Friday thanks so much everyone

    Google Play和iTunes,我們會在週五再見 非常感謝大家

  • take care


hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech just wanted to let everyone know


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