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We're in Pasadena, California, at a restaurant called Truth Kitchen, and I've been to one in San Diego, and I really loved it there.
And so when Crystal came to visit me in L.
I was like, Oh, I gotta take it to the true kitchen, you know, because I haven't been here and I heard this is like one of the best locations, but it's very pretty.
Were on the outside.
I haven't even checked out the inside yet, but the outdoor area is gorgeous.
Another reason why I wanted to come is because we could take so we my little baby the first time at a restaurant and she's doing really well.
She's actually just chilling right now.
Behind on there was super friendly to everyone saying hi to her.
It's healthy organic options.
So it's a little bit on the prices side, I would say, but you know, if you're into healthier options, it's kind of I feel like the price you pay.
It's California in California, so you kind of expect to pay those prices like my dish.
I got the Korean noodle, which is a sweet potato noodles which I love, and I added chicken within.
It comes with vegetables, too.
But that was about I take $15 and I got the hummus appetizer, which I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a lot.
You see, appetite is our big, so I'm gonna use I'm gonna have that is my meal.
But if I'm still hungry, I'm gonna order something else.
But I want to say the reason why I wanted to take Crystal here is because I really enjoyed their drinks when I went to the other location in San Diego and I noticed some of the the main drink menus.
I guess it must be seasonal because some of the items were different.
It seemed like, um, anyways, I got a, um, normal drink here with no alcohol booth.
Kristall got the skinny, skinny market.
Just skinny margarita.
That was a really good beautiful, that is.
And Priscilla hates salt on the rim of her up there like, don't worry, we never put salt on ours.
I was like, Oh, I was like, I love you guys.
E you never look at my drink menu because it z it's really, really interesting on.
It's all on the ones I've had so far.
They've all been really beautifully decorated.
Refreshing, super.
Um, it's just, like, really well made, very fresh.
So definitely would highly recommend trying out their drinks here.
E came out really fast.
I got the Thomas and it's so fresh, I haven't tried that looks very fresh.
Comes with pita bread.
E got the Korean noodle with chicken on and yeah, it's like last noodles.
Sweet potatoes, last noodles.
And it has bean sprouts, cilantro out.
Baseballs Alright, Basil on then.
Yeah, lots of goodies in here.
E I was expecting that kind of bread to be warm.
Yeah, e.
I hate this So soft.
Yes, it's tasty.
Hamburg like that.
Crunch it up right now.
That was a really good crunch.
Cucumbers, air crunchy and e love the tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes.
She's great.
You like Hamas?
Definitely get homeless here as an appetizer.
Um, I already had, like, a little bit before I came.
That's why was just plenty for me right now, but I was a little bit more hungry.
We'll probably get this is an advertiser on another meal, E actually don't like to watch e like everything else in here.
We have some other sweet potato noodles.
That's right, eyes it.
Spicy, Spicy by 30 10.
Not too spicy.
It was a good spicy for me, E would say.
It's like a mild spicy, so it has a nice little kick to it.
It was like a friendly, spicy Yeah, by yourself.
Love, love with models.
So it's like a healthy start.
Uh oh, you know what?
What's your genitals and carrots?
Bean sprouts to E.
U goods alive.
Different types of meat.
It was tofu.
Check out a grass fed steak.
There was like something else, maybe seafood type, but I think that's hopefully after artist.
But I do like chicken, so I want to become okay.
There are awesome to go boxes here.
Yeah, and it's microwavable, which means it's also it's also reusable, e like that.
It's not one of the Sarah phones where you just take it home and it probably sits in the crypt.
Toss it out like it's such a big way this is gonna be reused.
Certainly I'm gonna raise it because I don't buy Tupperware way.
Thank you so much.
No, it's fine.
It's great.
We're just talking about how we love this place.
Yeah, leave so much good stuff.
I say a couple of things so much.
One serving people who've never been here before.
I love talking about the anti inflammatory diet.
Andrew Weil's big on the sparkling antioxidant T is one of my favorite drinks.
It turns you terrain those me inside out ladies even e don't have a great years.
Thank you.
Okay, So the damage waas $50 just split.
Yeah, we'll split down the middle, but so my feet Margaret was $12.
Okay, so was $18 for my Korean.
Notable because I got the chicken and chicken was $5.
So if you know, if you just get the noodles and that's, like 13 e do the calculation, right?
Um, Candies t was $5.
That's not bad.
No, that's like a normal like Starbucks on Hamas was 10 50.
So in tax, five bucks.
So that equals to 50 bucks.
So, like $25 each, e will say everyone here has been super friendly.
Great customer service.
E didn't even have to ask.
I had a lot of my drink leftover.
She's like, Do you want to take that long?
Like, Yeah, E o because they were kind of hesitant to ask because they were asking for so many to go box e.
So they kept on coming back with more way.
Also, want to take this drink?
Um, but we didn't have to ask.
She was like, You want to do that with way?
Call this place wrong?
It would be good if it's actually true.
Food, Kitchen E calling a true kitchen.
It's true.
My fault.
I don't live here.
I'm supposed to be researching way.
Just got mad at here, so No, it's not.
Let me get everything way.
All right?
So where we going to next?
A dog bakery.
A dog bakery?
On headed on my maps.
Let's see.
It's on 36 here.
I had already, uh Boom.
There it is.
Three minutes away from the true food kitchen.
I'm disgusted.
So it's always gonna be excited, Zoe, after she smells everything.
Yeah, my time.
Looks like a baby.
Thanks a lot about the dog bakery.
So you look at this.
Look at this way.
Oh, hey, you're making a mess.
Look what you got.
Oh, my goodness.
Stay a stay.
Cities, was it?
Yeah, we just went to the dog bakery.
And as soon as they walked in, they offered her chicken and they asked, Is it OK if I gave you chicken?
Was, like, Of course, it was a chicken jerky, but they have the cutest dog cakes and treats.
I got her little hamburger tree recently.
They were, like, outrageously priced a little bit scared ass.
Yeah, but it wasn't bad.
And then I also saw that they had, um, frozen yogurt.
So I got that to kind of suppliers a little bit on her, and she's been so good for me.
A good way.
Yeah, but it's always says she wants to go that way.
What a great day today.
Had some great organic food and drinks.
And then we, you know, treated Zoe to some dark treats for being so well behaved while we're eating.
And I was just gonna walk around.
This is my old town Pasadena.
It's a beautiful area.
It's actually a lot of shopping around here.
And great restaurants.
Um, but very walkable.


加利福尼亞州帕薩迪納市的True Food Kitchen和The Dog Bakery是寵物友好型商店。 (Pet-Friendly Stops in Pasadena, California at True Food Kitchen and The Dog Bakery)

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