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I have to take this off to walk you guys through my nighttime skin.
Hey, guys, I am Dr Shireen.
Address a cosmetic dermatologist and I got my fence and you PJs on and I'm gonna walk you through my nighttime skincare routine.
So why don't you grab your toothbrush so you can go to bed together?
Because if you don't brush your teeth, I'm not going to bed with you.
Mm, Yeah.
After I brushed my teeth and this is just a little tip.
If you guys are into brightening your teeth or whitening them, I would say use a white strip.
I don't use it for the full 30 minutes that it tells you because I have sensitive teeth.
But even if you get five minutes every day, it's better than nothing.
That's my M O.
In life, when it comes to whitening your teeth to working out, doing pretty much anything, five minutes is better than none.
So I actually for the most part only writing the top ones because my lower teeth are very sensitive.
I am not wearing as much makeup as I used to wear because of the whole mask situation, but I do wear sunscreen every day I draw in my brows.
Thes are illusions.
They're not riel, Andi.
I wear mascara and a little bit of under eye concealer.
So that being said, I always start off by taking off my makeup, followed by a cleanser.
Now, if I'm on Lee wearing sunscreen and no makeup, I actually skipped the Biodome apart on.
I just cleanse twice and I'll show you guys what I use.
But I soak up a cotton pad and I start with my eyebrows, which always makes me sad because they really do frame of face.
Can you guys please get rid of the makeup wipes?
The only time you should ever use a makeup wipes is pretty much never.
Unless you are tipsy on, you don't have the energy to make it to the bathroom.
Maybe keep an extra stash as an emergency next to your bed or if you are on a plane and you really want to get rid of the makeup so it's not sitting on your face or your eyes, but it's not really getting rid of it.
Just f Y I.
It's just pushing it around.
So now that I've gotten rid of my eyebrows and my eyelashes on You could see the under eye bags from my toddlers that I have.
I like this one by Bani Cream.
It is the cheapest, most gentle cleanser you confined.
Now, when I use Onley, sunscreen and no makeup, I will wash my face like I said twice in order to get all of that sunscreen.
Warm water.
Nothing too hard.
Yeah, you don't have to get the product.
People say you do get it on your face and the truth check when I climb up, See if anything is now that I've made a watering Nice See Oh, I had my eyelashes still so I will probably move back clean that all.
There's really not much on my face.
Once we take our makeup off and we washed our face, we exfoliate.
However, listen to me and listen to me.
Well, OK, turn off the music.
You guys are way over exfoliating.
I don't know whose discover that this is like the best thing since sliced bread by telling you guys to exfoliate 20 times a day, but I have a lot of patients coming in with really red inflamed skin and their skin barrier is completely disrupted.
And so, if you're going to exfoliate, less is more to to maybe forest times a week, depending on the type of explanation that you're using and the assets that you're using.
But I'm going to show you guys today a lighter version of exfoliating because I'm gonna use a prescription strength red annoyed.
Do not do this yourselves at home if you are not somebody who's used to using retinoids, because it will make your skin extremely inflamed and irritated.
So stick to the assets on one night and to the red nails or retinoids on the other, unless you are a seasoned retinoid user, and then you can kind of mix them together and you know your skin.
So this is not for beginners, but I'm going to show you guys a beginner's exfoliation, and it is this one by Loreal the revital.
If 10% like colic acid, I hate that it comes in a dropper nine.
Design the packaging, but I do love the playtime that this product has a little bit goes a long way, and when you are exfoliating, I'll tell you from here to your Tata's okay, Because this is a unit.
You may not see it in your teens.
You may not notice it in your twenties, you might kind of believe me in your thirties, but by the time you hit your forties, you will thank me for taking care of the skin next year.
Tata's because if you were a shirt, you want to make sure that it's a unit and that, you know it matches.
So that is how exfoliate.
And did you guys just see how much coverage I got from that by calling acid?
I like it because it's 10%.
I also like colic acid because it helps with pigmentation, and that is one of my biggest issues.
Now, once a week or so, I will not give up on my tried and true Yoshiko.
Chefs do not use if you're pregnant or attempting to get pregnant or breastfeeding, you can use like a like I said.
So I had to give up on your logic for a while.
I had my babies, So I've exfoliated.
I am nice and do your now and after I exfoliated.
This is where you enter through the toners and serums.
I'm not a huge toner fan, However, for your purposes today and because I'm originally Lebanese, I want to show you guys this rosewater that I bought from the local ethnic store.
First of all, it's 10 ounces on.
I bought it from an ethnic store in New York City, so it's 4 99.
But in the suburbs, I bet you this is to 75.
And if I were on the price is right, I bet you I would win.
So Rosewater is a personal faith.
I guess I learned this from my grandmother.
Not to sound cliche, but I really did.
And the reason I like it is because with the mask usage, I have rosacea.
It gets really red and inflamed around here.
And so at night, I just dab a little bit of rosewater kind of in the areas that the mask hits where I have the most readiness.
That's the cotton pad on information.
Okay, so that's sort of what I dio.
So once I've dabbed the rosewater off, I then apply my serums.
Now thinking side note, if you are an eye cream, this is also where you want to use your eye cream.
I use eye creams more in the winter.
Not so much in the summer, but tonight I'm gonna put a little bit of Vaseline under my eyes because I want to show you how I used the Vaseline under my eyes with a prescription strength retinoid.
So I will let that sit for a minute or two.
And then I'll use my serums and the serums that I'm using our discoloration defense, which has tried exam ic acid and try and examine acid again.
Another dropper.
Why do you guys I wanna be chemists, Okay?
Just go to our lab.
Um is a great product to help with my asthma.
And that's also when I pigmentation got worse.
I will focus it on the top of my cheeks because it really got worse here with my son.
Okay, I don't put this on my neck or chest because I don't have much pigmentation here.
And then I use this one by Murad, which has 2% hydroquinone again, Another controversial ingredient.
I used the over the counter hydroquinone in the summer because it will make you more sun sensitive in the winter time.
I'll go ahead and use prescription drug hydroquinone Because again, I'm not scared of it.
Do I use it all year round all the time?
I take breaks, so I use it for like a month on.
Then I'll probably take a month off and vice versa, depending on how my skin is reacting.
So learn your skin is the point of that.
So now that I have applied the serums and already put my eye cream, this is where it gets interesante.
I use retinoids, so try to no 1.5%.
It's prescription a little bit.
Goes a very long way on this tiny little poop poop, poop, poop, poop, poop, poop pooping boop, boop!
And then I have a tiny bit left.
I dab it under my eyes on top of the Vaseline because the Vaseline is gonna act like a barrier to minimize how effective it's gonna be under the eyes.
But it's not going to completely block it.
So it's gonna help, at least with the fine lines around the eyes.
Do you need a special fancy eye cream?
No, you don't.
Um, if you're prone Familia, I would be careful with the Vaseline, but if you're not, it's perfecto.
And then because I said, don't forget about this area.
Here is a little trick.
So on the nights that I don't use a prescription retinoid, I use red and all.
And this is one by again Laurie Allen's 10.3% Another dropper s o I take the Loreal read and all put it in my palm and then I dilute it right hydrants, intense hydrating serum because you can't really tolerate it so much on the neck.
But when you dilute it, first of all, a lot more coverage.
You're in that tolerate because who wants a chicken neck?
And I don't have the best jawline to begin with, so make sure I find my genetics, genetics, genetics.
So that is that.
And then the final mall, we ended with the UCI cinema dinero one which honestly is very expensive.
I know, but quarantine sucks.
And if something's going to give me a little bit of a way to dream of doing it and it's clear to pose intensifying, I don't even know which one is it.
Which is?
This is intensive fortifying emotion to make you three big words.
It's too much for me to handle but it's intensive, fortifying emotion.
I like it because it's a very lightweight hydrating serum.
That's not to say that I don't use this because I do use this one too.
But because I'm doing something fancy for you guys with a new P J set I'm using with people.
But I will not use the report from here to here because I'm not wasting it.
It's too expensive.
So I used this at the very end.
Yes, there's fragrance.
Don't come after me.
I am not scared of fragrance.
When I developed that allergy of that problem, I will stop it, then say, why am I planning my funeral before I die?
So don't just get afraid.
And that is it.
And now I'm ready to go to bed.
So did you brush your teeth?
Because if you did, you could join me.
You guys that I was done?
I jump into bed, do a pillow talk, turn for all of you guys.
I popped in the leg because my allergies are terrible.
And then I have little surprise.
I have a custom Cooley fridge and in it that is not for tonight this ice prey on my pillow because we need all the help for relaxing.
We can get in quarantine.
Oh, this is what I use in winter on my lips, judo, and then these air, usually for the morning.
But given that I've just come through my whole skin care for you guys, and I'm exhausted, I'm gonna go ahead and deep, my love.
It's too big, okay?


皮膚科醫生的夜間護膚程序|與Shereene Idriss醫生一起睡覺|《Harper's BAZAAR》。 (A Dermatologist’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed with Dr. Shereene Idriss | Harper’s BAZAAR)

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