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Welcome back to TLC Thursday.
My name is Christal Fuentes, the founder of the The Ladies Coach.com, and your host and coach for today.
Today we are going to talk about attention seekers.
You might have one or two attention seekers in your life, right?
Well, it's easier to call out others on their shit, but the truth is you might have engaged in attention seeking behavior yourself.
Oh yes, it's a thing.
And too often it's the attention seekers I hear complaining about how annoying other attention seekers are.
But they don't realize that they do the same damn thing.
Why is this topic so important?
Well, what I often say is, when you do things for the sake of attention, you do a disservice to your soul.
Seeking attention is kind of like whoring yourself out for validation, regardless of how you do it.
In some way shape or form, we all have participated in attention seeking behavior.
But how do we know we're doing it?
Right now, I'm going to give you seven signs of attention seeking behavior.
Because doing things for the wrong reasons ain't cute anymore and worse it continues leaving us feeling like we aren't good enough.
[7 signs of attention seeking behavior]
Number One: Anxiety often creeps in, and you worry about if something you do will be received well by others.
Number Two: You are more susceptible to feeling lonely, so you do think to draw connection.
An example of this we see, is oversharing on social media.
Number Three: Insecurity often creeps in, causing you to compare your worth to others.
Number Four: You are too attached to praise.
Attachment to praise makes criticism crippling.
Number Five: You always feel the need to prove yourself.
Whether it's overly explaining yourself, one-upping, or using knowledge against people.
Number Six: You do things for the applause of it.
The likes, the following, and the recognition.
Number Seven: You try too hard to be unique.
You already are unique, there's no reason to go overboard trying to make others see it.
There you have it, seven signs you almost definitely are doing things for the applause, attention, and validation of it all.
In other words, "the wrong reasons".
You are more than enough, and there is no reason why we should be seeking validation from external sources, in ways that dishonor our soul.
There's no one in the world that is going to make you feel enough, other than you.
Does this all make sense?
If you liked this video please like, subscribe, and share it with all your friends and like always head to the TheLadiesCoach.com for more resources that can make your life a little easier.



整天討拍、求關注的人很煩嗎? 7 個徵兆小心你也是喔! (The 7 Signs of Attention Seeking Behavior)

2109 分類 收藏
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