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  • Queen Elsa of Arendelle

  • Princess Anna of Arendelle

  • Oh here? I guess I shouldn’t... but okay

  • Hi

  • Hi me?

  • Hi

  • You look beautiful

  • Thank you! So do you!

  • I mean you don’t just look but you are really beautiful!

  • Thank you

  • Well, this is what a party looks like

  • It’s surprisingly warm

  • What is that amazing smell?

  • Chocolate!

  • Your Majesty, here’s the Toiletless Duke

  • Weselton!

  • Duke of Weselton, Majesty

  • As your nearest trading partner I would like to ask the Queen for a first dance

  • One, two, three, jump!

  • Thank you, but I don’t dance

  • Maybe my sister

  • Alright! Lucky girl!

  • Oh, I don’t

  • Say if you faint! I’ll catch you!

  • Sorry

  • Agile as a peacock!

  • À propos, excellent that you opened the gates

  • Why were they even closed?

  • Do you know the reason?

  • No

  • Nofine, oops!

  • I’m like the shaving whitecap of the dance floor!

  • And like a headless chicken I fly

  • Tell me when youre ready for a new dance, miss

  • Wow! That was feisty!

  • You bet! Especially with those heels

  • Everything alright?

  • Really great! This is lovely!

  • How I wish it could always be like this

  • You said it

  • But it can’t

  • Why not?

  • It just can’t!

  • Excuse me for a moment

Queen Elsa of Arendelle


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冰雪奇緣 - 艾爾莎的聚會(芬蘭語)subs&trans (Frozen - Elsa's Party (Finnish) subs&trans)

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