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Hi everyone, welcome back on my channel.
My name is Charlotte and I just came back from a relaxing holiday in the French mountains.
In a little town that has almost no Wi-fi, so I was very disconnected for about one week.
Honestly, it felt so great to be disconnected from social media, from all the news in the world right now
There is so much going on. I highly recommend: if you can switch everything off for a few days
I think it can do wonders to your mental health.
Right now, I’m back today with a new video.
I had many suggestions after the previous reaction video I did about a group called “Mayday”.
This group has 5 members (I think) and if I’m not wrong, it was created in 1997 or 1999.
Not sure. But it was around the year my sister was born.
Since then, they have been very popular in Taiwan and in many other countries.
I am excited to see one of their songs for the first time.
I chose a random song, because several different ones were suggested to me.
I just chose a title that sounded nice to me and that was: “Cheers”.
Let’s take a look at the song “Cheers”!
By the way, my chicken decided to join me.
Hey! Come here.
Say hello ~
She was trying to eat my shoe.
Anyway, let’s watch this song.
3, 2, 1… Play!
It looks like maybe someone is dying.
That’s the teacher?
Are teachers allowed to hit students in Taiwan?
Oh! Was that Dragon Ball?
Cuties ~~~
Is this about his life story?
Because now it looks like they became teenagers.
They just seem like teenagers having a lot of fun.
Cheating on an exam?!
Now he is a drummer in a band.
It is hard to focus on the lyrics because so many things are happening in the video clip.
He is going somewhere by train.
Is that the army maybe?
Or maybe some sports camp?
No, definitely the army.
It is nicely filmed. We can see it through the eyes of that person.
I wonder what he looks like now.
He just got a job I think.
That’s his boss?
I really like that.
Is that his workmate?
Are they together now? Cute!
A dog! Cutie!
Was that puke? Please don’t tell me that was puke…
Delivery room.
They’re having a child!
His life is shown so fast. So many things are happening.
So cute. And the dog is still there too.
That’s his son? Already? He’s a teenager.
Wait, this is confusing. They also have a daughter, right?
So much is happening.
Now he is playing golf with…
Did he just get a new car?
His daughter in law maybe?
So many things are happening.
Who died?
Isn’t that the first scene we saw in this music video?
I think this might be a scene where he is dying.
He is revisiting every phase of his life.
This is so emotional.
His teenage years, his rock-band.
The army dudes.
The colleagues of work
His golf partners
Other grandpas he played games with
Is that heaven?
But it’s so sad. He left everyone behind.
This was the very first song I ever saw of Mayday
and I have to say that this song is an emotional rollercoaster.
I think the music video adds a lot to that.
Maybe if I just heard the song by itself, and I didn’t see that video,
I would feel like it’s a nice song, but quite neutral.
But as I watched this music video, I felt so many emotions.
You feel like you can live the life of this person, a real rollercoaster from his childhood to the moment he dies.
I didn’t have much time to focus on the lyrics, since I was so busy with the music video
I think he sang about making memories during his whole life,
and later on, cheering and drinking these beautiful memories (does that make sense?)
I definitely feel like after I finish filming this video, I have to watch the music video again
To focus more on the lyrics this time.
I was positively affected by this song, I really enjoy it, and I can’t wait to discover more songs of Mayday
Thank you so much for recommending this to me. Otherwise, I would never have found it myself.
If you have other recommendations of Taiwanese songs I should see,
feel free to recommend them in the comments down below.
Thank you so much for watching.
Today’s codeword is…
I should have thought about this earlier! Wait…
The first thing I think about is “teacher”, because that’s one of the images we saw:
The teacher with the stick.
“Cheers” might be to easy. Let’s go with “teacher”.
If you write “teacher” in the comments down below, I know you watched until the end and you are awesome!
See you very soon in the next video. Don’t forget to “like” and “subscribe”.
Bye bye ~



318 分類 收藏
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