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  • I'm gonna have pumpkin soup with dinner.

  • I like this one way.

  • Join me as I take you along.

  • My M stirred up.

  • Welcome to my favorite vintage store in Amsterdam.

  • I love into shopping because this way I recycle clothes and it's fun to Did you always find something interesting?

  • This is something I would wear.

  • Where has it been?

  • I mean, everything has a story.

  • It's quite amazing.

  • I just don't know which one.

  • If it's a good one or bad one, maybe it's coming with me.

  • Is this very British?

  • This is ice skating was a big part of my life when I grew up, There was always eyes in the wintertime.

  • Canals would freeze and we would go on the eyes immediately.

  • I was three years old when my parents put me on the ice skates and I would learn being behind a chair and falling and standing and falling in San.

  • And that's how I learned how to ice skate.

  • You know, it's a big part of our our culture.

  • I mean, you have to be careful of me passing you with my bike because I like really quickly, and the tourists are not always aware of the bikes, but I always try to be nice.

  • I'm always like thinking.

  • And then I smiled.

  • I'm like, Be careful!

  • So we are in the answer, which is my favorite grocery store.

  • I love it because it reminds me of childhood store that my mom would take me, too.

  • I thought I didn't have time today for grocery shopping, and now I dio I wouldn't call myself vegan.

  • I don't like to put a label on myself, and I'm trying to be more plant based because of the environment.

  • Because of the animals on the menu tonight is Brussel Sprout those Yea Oh, I don't now.

  • I'm actually really excited for some food.

  • Go.

  • You can keep up my friend.

  • She's very convenient friend.

  • She's absolutely DVD.

  • And like I love balls when I have a craving of having junk food, this place is perfect.

  • Look at this.

  • I mean, I'm gonna eat this.

  • I need to use this to know gentles utilities.

  • Is that me?

  • This tastes like a freakin dough and I swore I will never freaking bells again in my life.

  • I know I can.

  • I love Amsterdam, but obviously is not because of the weather.

  • It raised a lot I love have been because it's small.

  • I can go everywhere on my bike.

  • If you come to answer them, you have to go on a boat because seeing answer from a boat on the canals is so beautiful.

  • That's how I get to.

  • That's how I fell into.

  • The vote is very typical for me.

  • So if you want to leave it in its fine, where is he?

  • Up?

  • Thank you.

  • Okay, Yes, thank you.

  • I m Sam is important to me because it's just so charming.

  • I think it's because it has so much history.

  • It was founded in the 13th century, is a fishing village.

  • And everywhere you look, there's beautiful buildings.

  • There's just so much beauty.

  • I've seen bikes drone into the canals.

  • I've seen Christmas trees trying to the canals.

  • I've seen people pee in the canals.

  • We have really good cheese.

  • We have good beer, were known for a lot of food and drinks.

  • There's more bridges in Amsterdam than in Venice anymore.

  • Uh, tip.

I'm gonna have pumpkin soup with dinner.


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