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  • Here.

  • It's for a contract.

  • Twenty grand, right?

  • His name is Norman Stansfield and he's in room 4602 and the DEA building 26 Federal Plaza.

  • I'm not taking it.

  • Why not?

  • Too heavy.

  • Well, would you rent me your gear for the day?

  • I never lend out my gear.

  • But you still have your gun.

  • Use it.

  • Just do me a favor: Don't shoot out the window, okay?

  • Why are you so mean to me?

  • You're out there killing people you don't give a shit about, but you won't get the bastards who killed my whole family.

  • Revenge is not good, Mathilda.

  • Believe me: it's better to forget.

  • To forget?

  • After I've seen the outline of my brother's body on the floor, you expect me to forget?

  • I want to kill those sons of bitches, and I'll blow their fucking heads off!

  • Nothing's the same after you've killed someone.

  • Your life is changed forever.

  • Might have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life.

  • You don't give a shit about sleeping, Leon.

  • I want love... or death.

  • That's it.

  • Love or death.

  • Get off my case, Mathilda.

  • I'm tired of your games.

  • It's a really great game, Leon.

  • It makes people nicer and starts them thinking.

  • The kind of gave you love.

  • If I win, you keep me with you for life.

  • And if you lose?

  • You'll go shopping alone, like before.

  • You're gonna lose, Mathilda.

  • There's a round in the chamber,

  • I heard it.

  • So what?

  • What's it to you if I end up with a bullet in the head, huh?

  • Nothing.

  • I hope you're not lying, Leon.

  • I really hope that down deep inside there's no love in you.

  • Cause if there is, just a little bit of love in you

  • I think that in a few minutes you're gonna regret you never said anything.

  • I love you, Leon.

  • I win.



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A2 初級 美國腔

瑪蒂爾達扮演的Léon的感情 - Léon 1994 - HD (Mathilda plays feelings of Léon | Léon 1994 | HD)

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