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  • If you aren't networking, you should be.


  • Networking connects you with useful or like-minded people and can provide a rich source of information about the industry or field you are attracted to.


  • And with 32 percent of Australian jobs being spread by word of mouth, it opens the door to finding unadvertised job opportunities.

    隨著 32% 的澳洲工作機會透過人脈傳播,它為無刊登廣告的工作機會打開了大門。

  • So, what's the deal?


  • Oh my god, I don't know how to network, I don't know anybody. I'm so screwed.

    哦,天哪,我不知道如何擴展人脈,我不認識任何人。 我死定了。

  • Don't panic, you have a network already.


  • It's your family, your friends, potential workmates from the past or present, a whole bunch of people who know other people who know other people.


  • Networking is as easy as leveraging these people to connect with new contacts and new delicious opportunities.


  • Step one: goals. You need to know what you want.

    第一步:目標。 你需要知道你想要什麼。

  • You need specific and clear goals, what's your dream job?


  • What needs to happen for that dream to be a reality? Do you want a specific mentor? Well, who do you need to know?

    要實現這個夢想需要做什麼? 你想要一位特定的導師嗎? 好,那你需要認識誰?

  • What are you passionate about? What skills do you have?

    你熱衷於什麼? 你有什麼技能?

  • How do these overlap? Who will find this useful?

    如何使兩者兼具? 誰會覺得這有用?

  • Remember, if you know what you want, you'll be significantly more effective when you engage with your network.


  • Because, you'll know exactly what you need and people will know exactly what they can provide.


  • Step 2: be confident.


  • The most important step when networking is that you have to put yourself out there.


  • For many, the hardest thing to do is to overcome the hurdle of going out of your comfort zone, finding new people and engaging in the dreaded small talk.


  • Alas, one-to-one relationship building is the most effective way to build relationships and thus, build a strong network.


  • So, it's all about that social engagement, baby.


  • Before you jump into events or work seminars or meetups or even some online connection, here are some tips to up your social game.


  • Be yourself. That's what's really cool, get excited about the things you like.

    做自己。 那才是真正的酷,表現對你喜歡的事物感到興奮。

  • People like people who have interests and care about things.


  • Be generous with your time. If you can see a way to be helpful, act on it.

    要願意釋出自己的時間。 如果你看到可以幫忙的,請採取行動。

  • Don't approach people with an attitude of expecting something, go in with the desire to make a friend.


  • Be positive. People respond positively for positivity.

    要保持樂觀。 人們會積極回應樂觀的人。

  • Small talk. Small talk can really suck, but it's much easier if you sincerely remain curious about the person you are talking to.

    閒聊。 閒聊確實很討人厭,但是如果你真誠地對交談的人保持好奇,這會容易多了。

  • Everyone has at least one cool thing, try to find it by asking questions and actively listening.


  • Step 3: resources. Well, where are we going? Over here? Hmm, should probably work that out.

    第三步:資源。 好吧,我們要去哪裡? 在這嗎?嗯,應該要解決這個問題。

  • If you do your research and have a defined goal, finding resources will be easier.


  • You want to go to the moon, look up other astronauts.


  • Maybe reach out to a couple, check the appropriate websites and find moon meetups.


  • The Internet also makes connection very easy.


  • Websites like LinkedIn, are all about professional networking.

    像 LinkedIn 這樣的網站都是有關專業建立人脈的。

  • Social media will assist with connecting via groups and messaging.


  • And helpful meetup websites will help you find specific like-minded people.


  • So, get to a browser and have a look, you will find something.


  • Summary: set a goal. Put yourself out there.

    結論:設定目標。 勇於嘗試、不要害怕失敗。

  • Be yourself, be positive, don't engage new people with expectations and develop those small talk skills.


  • And take advantage of online resources.


If you aren't networking, you should be.


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【生涯規劃】人脈是金!三分鐘教你擴展職涯人脈! (Networking: The basics)

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