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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of
Honeysuckle Catering
Today I'm going to show you how to make my childhood favorite, and it's actuall still a
favorite today, the Vietnamese Sandwich, or it's also called
Banh mi thit nuong
there's so many different varieties of
fillings for this sandwich - you can have grilled pork,
grilled chicken
meatball, fish, the variety is endless!
today we are going to be making
the grilled pork
a crowd favorite
I'm going to break each of the steps down so that it's super easy and simple for you to follow
let's get started
we're going to start with how to make the grilled pork
what you'll need are, a pound of sliced pork shoulder, I have one that's already
pre-sliced for me that I got at the asian market. A tablespoon of black
soy sauce, and this isn't your regular soy sauce that you use for sushi. It's actually a
thicker soy sauce that has molasses in it and so it's nice and thick and
has that caramel-ey
texture to it
this can also be found at the asian market. A tablespoon of fish sauce
half a tablespoon of sugar
two cloves of garlic
half of a shallot
and some salt and pepper
now take your garlic and mince it well
and put it in a bowl
now take your half a shallot and mince that well
now combine your soy sauce
fish sauce, sugar
and put it in a bowl with the garlic and shallot and mix it well
now take your sliced pork and
and put it in the bowl and mix it well so that everything marinates
take a dash of salt and pepper to give it some extra seasoning
now set it aside in the
fridge for about half an hour so that the flavors all come together
next, I'm going to show you how to make the pickled carrot and daikon. This is a sweet, salty, and tangy condiment
that goes well with so many Vietnamese dishes. You're going to need...
one cup of warm water
one cup of distilled white vinegar, a carrot, a daikon
a tablespoon of sugar plus
a quarter-cup of sugar
and eighth-cup of salt
plus a tablespoon of salt
first, you're going to peel off your carrot and daikon
cut it into matchsticks
you're going to want equal amounts of
daikon and carrot for this recipe
now, put your daikon and carrot in a bowl
and with the tablespoon of salt
and tablespoon of sugar, combine it
and let it sit
you're going to be drawing out all the water and juices from the carrot and daikon
this will help make it flexible
let it sit for about ten minutes
so it can soak all the water out
it's been ten minutes and our carrot and daikon are ready
you should be able to bend the carrot or daikon without it breaking
now take your carrots and daikon and run it under cold water to rinse off the salt and sugar
then transfer it back to the bowl
take your quarter cup of sugar
and eighth cup of salt and mix it
into the warm water and stir it until it dissolves
now take your cup of distilled white vinegar
and pour it into your
sugar and salt mixture
and then, pour everything over the carrot and daikon
you're going to want to let it sit
for an hour to overnight so that it pickles and it's ready to use
now it's time to cook our grilled pork
if you have a grill pan you can go ahead and put
it on the stove, and cook it on high for about three minutes on each side until it's nice and dark and caramel-ey
if you don't have a grill pan, any pan will do
Now it's time to assemble our Banh Mi!
you're going to need a Vietnamese French baguette
our pickled carrot and daikon
some sliced jalapeno
some sliced onions
and maggi sauce
take your baguette and slice it length-wise
with your mayo, spread it inside
now take your
grilled pork, I would say about half a cup of grilled pork
and layer it inside the baguette
you want the sandwich to be meaty
now take your pickled daikon and carrots and layer it on
and then
take your cilantro
onions, and jalapenos, and layer those on as well
now the last step is the secret sauce
the Maggi sauce
this is more flavorful that soy sauce and it has a special seasoning to it
and just squirt a few squirts and you're done!
and there you have it the Vietnamese Sandwich
or Banh Mi Thit Nuong
it's so good
look how meaty it is and then this layer of airy
I'm going to try it...MmmMmmm
I really hope you enjoyed this episode
this is my favorite dish of all time. If you'd like to see more episodes
please subscribe [below] and let me know what you think
of this recipe below
and visit my facebook to get more updates
and I hope to see you soon!



65 分類 收藏
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