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-Thanks for coming back, buddy. -Thank you.
-We love it when you come by.
How are your daughters
and my friends, Hannah and Eve?
-Hannah, your number one fan? -She is.
-Yeah, she's great, yeah. She's at film school
having a great time, yeah. -Oh, really?
-Sends you her best. -She's awesome.
How about Eve? How is Eve doing?
-Eve's doing great, yeah.
Eve has actually got an album coming out next year
and has been singing with the band The National,
which is very weird for me. -Wow.
-Because -- [ Cheers and applause ]
-That's great.
-They're my absolute favorite band.
-I love The National, yeah. -So to see -- to see my girl
going up there singing with them is pretty awesome.
-Last time you came here, Hannah gave me a gift.
She gave me a jar of pickles with my face all over it.
[ Laughter ] It was very nice.
It was very nice of her to do that.
Did you bring me any gift today?
-There's a photograph, maybe. -Oh.
-Yes. Maybe. -Oh, this is very nice.
-This is -- now, Hannah's at film school, but she spends,
you know, all the time using the things she learned
by basically filming me unawares or posting things
on Instagram. -Yeah.
-And, this is, you know, a lovely thing she posted
on Father's Day. Can you believe this?
-That's so nice. -Look at -- look at this.
-It says, "Happy Father's Day."
And it's a picture of me and her.
[ Laughter and applause ] That's so nice.
-What the hell? What the --
[ Laughter and applause ]
She did post that. -Did she really?
I love her, man. That's the best.
Because she also did -- she posted some other thing
that we found on Instagram Stories.
-Yes. -It was a photo -- it said --
Because I guess it was your birthday a couple of weeks ago?
-And she put "Happy Birthday to this wannabe Elvis,"
and she put -- oh, gosh, this one of you.
That's you? -That is me, yeah.
-What is that? What is that about?
[ Cheers and applause ] -You have to --
You have to understand that I haven't got Instagram,
so I get calls from my agent over here who says,
"Oh, that's great." "What's great, what's great?"
And that is me -- -She's trolling you, yeah.
-Yeah, in a school play
in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
[ Light laughter ] -So were you trying to be Elvis?
-That's the part. -Yeah, I know.
[ Laughter ] You're nailing it.
I mean, you're nailing it. You got it down.
I think you look pretty good. We have another photo
I want to talk about, but I want to talk about
how the photo was taken first of all.
This is a picture of you and President Barack Obama.
-It was, yeah. -How did --
[ Cheers and applause ] Walk me through this.
How did you end up with... -Yeah.
-...Barack Obama? -It's a little bit embarrassing,
because I don't want to big myself up,
but it was a pretty extraordinary moment.
I do this stuff with this company SAP,
and they were having this big sort of --
sort of convention in New York.
And I was doing something in the morning.
And then I heard he was speaking in the afternoon.
And I said, "Oh, I'd like to come back and hear that."
So I went back. There were people queuing up for a photo.
And they said, "Do you want your photo?"
I said, "Yeah, I do actually." And I walked up.
-Absolutely. -And as I walked up,
the man said, "I'm going to break the rule of a lifetime,"
and took his phone out and took a selfie.
And I said -- -He's a fan of yours?
-I think -- well, I think him and the family love "The Knick,"
the show that I did with Soderbergh.
-Absolutely. -And I said,
"Well, if you are, I am." And I took out my phone
and we both took selfies.
-You took selfies with the President?
-Yeah. -How rad is that?
And have you posted it anywhere or showed it?
-No. No, no, no.
-You don't have a place to post it.
Can I show it? [ Light laughter ]
-When my kids saw this, they said they can tell --
"We can tell you don't take selfies, Dad,
because you look terrible, and he looks great."
-Here it is. [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
I think it's awesome.
That's fantastic.
He's -- he's fantastic. Isn't he great to meet?
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it was incredible.
-I had one opportunity to get a photo with him.
I went to the White House for a Fourth of July event
for veterans, and I was performing there.
And I got there so nervous to meet him and the First Lady.
And so I got dressed up in a three-piece suit,
like the best suit I had.
And I went, and it was so hot. It was the Fourth of July.
-You started sweating. -In Washington, D.C.
I'm sweating all over the place.
And I'm opening up for the Foo Fighters,
and they're wearing shorts and T-shirts.
They're like, "Wow, you're really --
you look like a banker." Yeah, so I'm like --
So anyways, I go up to meet them.
And I'm just sweating. It's just dripping off me.
And Michelle Obama goes, "Jimmy, you look so hot.
Are you okay?" And I go, "I'm fine."
And the President was laughing. [ Laughter ]
He had, like, his shirt rolled up
and he was wearing khakis.
He goes, "Uh, didn't you get the memo?
It's a barbecue." [ Laughter and applause ]
And then they pushed me away. I got one photo, like,
so sweaty and awful.
But he's great.
I want to talk about "Gemini Man."
Congratulations on this. This is cool, Ang Lee.
I love Ang Lee. And -- directed this.
Will Smith.
You basically acted with two Will Smiths.
-Yeah, it's true, it's true. -Can you explain that?
-Well, it's -- it's a really -- it's a film that they've been
trying to make for over 20 years,
and I think Ang Lee finally said, "I think we're ready.
I think the technology's there."
And basically, Will Smith plays an agent,
and there's a guy after him, and he doesn't understand why
he's so good, until he turns and he sees a young Will Smith.
And basically he's been cloned
and the guy's been sent out to get him.
-So he's trying -- -And so you have --
and they've used this -- I think it's the first time
there's a digitalized human, like, fully digitalized.
So I did most of my stuff with the young Will.
So basically he does it with a whole camera rig,
then a body double does it,
and then they do a special effects run-through.
And then -- -So you basically act
with a tennis ball the whole time?
-No, I -- To be fair to Will --
-"Get over here. Get over here, guy.
I love you, man. I'm going to save you."
-Yeah, selfies and -- -Exactly, yeah.
With a stick. A broomstick.
[ Laughter ]
-No, but he -- -You never met Will Smith once.
-So Will -- [ Laughter ]
Will did actually -- I mean, it's digitalized,
but he does all the performing, so he acts everything.
So he did a whole process where he acted
the younger version of himself, and then they physically
made him younger, but not a de-aging, like --
it was a different process. -It's amazing to look at.
-But it's -- like, Ang Lee, with this film is, like,
at the forefront of some new technology
that he's convinced is going to be the future.
It's shot in 120 frames a second.
It has stunning action in it.
-3-D. -And it's -- 3-D.
And it's really extraordinary.
And you have to -- you have to see it in the cinema
the way it's --
and projected properly,
because that's, you know -- -Yeah.
-...otherwise you won't get the full impact.


Barack Obama Broke Presidential Phone Rules for a Selfie with Clive Owen

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