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  • Before we go, I want to send a special thank

  • you to doctors, nurses and health care workers

  • who have been working nonstop and risking

  • their own lives to help us get through these scary times.

  • You're all heroes.

  • And I'm sure you know many of these heroes

  • are working without the proper equipment they need

  • to do their jobs, which is why I am

  • so thankful for organizations like Direct Relief.

  • I have personally donated to this organization.

  • And they are delivering masks, gloves,

  • and other personal protective equipment

  • to health care workers across the country

  • so that they can safely do their jobs

  • and continue to save lives.

  • We partnered with Shutterfly for eight years.

  • They're an incredible company who always

  • steps up and wants to help.

  • And today, I'm happy to say that they're making a $25,000

  • donation to Direct Relief.


  • Go to our website to find out how you can also donate.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Stay safe.

  • Be kind to one another.

  • Bye.

  • Bye bye.

Before we go, I want to send a special thank


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向直接救濟組織捐款,幫助為醫療工作者提供防護設備。 (Help Provide Protective Equipment to Healthcare Workers with a Donation to Direct Relief)

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