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Dogecoin is a revolutionary digital currency. It can be sent easily - through the internet
- from person to person with total security. With instant transactions, you can send coins
from Melbourne to Mumbai from Madrid, to Minneapolis, in seconds.
It is simple and safe to use, and is already accepted at online retailers, where you can
buy gifts, groceries, services and so much more.
What makes Dogecoin truly unique from other currencies is how its ease of use makes it
the perfect way to instantly send cash gifts to people, all around the world.
You can send 10 cents to your favourite comment on twitter, or 10 dollars to your favourite
band to purchase their latest album, you can even send 100 dollars to a charity that you
support. There is no middle man to take a cut, and
the transactions are completely anonymous.
If you are a creator you'll find your fans can financially empower you: For the first
time, you can directly receive cash from them, rather than a valueless "like" or "retweet".
You now have the opportunity to spend more time creating content, and less time counting
Be part of something big, something groundbreaking. Within the first few months of creation, the
Dogecoin community has already achieved great things; from funding Olympic athletes, to
providing clean water to Africa. The community is welcoming and amazingly generous,
you'll fit right in.
So, how do I join in? To start, visit Dogecoin.com, and download
your own digital wallet. Then join the community on Reddit, where thousands of helpful people
will happily answer any of your questions, and where you'll also receive some free coins.
Dogecoin: The Internet Currency. We'll see you, on the moon!


最新!更勝比特幣的潮流貨幣:狗幣 What is Dogecoin?

8620 分類 收藏
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