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  • Welcome to English in a minute.

  • A pan is a metal container used for cooking or baking to pan out.

  • Are Anna and Jonathan talking about cooking?

  • Let's listen.

  • Did you ever hear back about that movie role you tried out for?

  • Yeah, it didn't pan out.

  • They wanted someone who could sound more presidential.

  • How could it not pan out?

  • You are the most presidential person I know.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • See, my presidential voice is good.

  • To pan out means to have a successful result.

  • It comes from a way to search for gold.

  • Gold Miners would take a handful of sand and mix it with water in a pan.

  • Sometimes their efforts "panned out", meaning they found gold. And that’s English in a minute.

Welcome to English in a minute.


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英語在一分鐘內。To Pan Out (English in a Minute: To Pan Out)

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