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  • I believe that the most unique thing about being an a student of U.

  • N name is all the academic and professional opportunities that you receive when you're here, we'll live in Albuquerque is quite different toe life in key toys as Muller town for sure, less people less crowded, a tendency to Basically, when I was applying, I never came across University of New Mexico because back in my country, if someone hears like Mexico, then they think that it's like in Mexico, you know, like Mexico City.

  • When I first landed in Albuquerque, I was like war.

  • I mean, it's not like what I have dreamt of Your Majesty's.

  • It's totally different here.

  • I know people work so hard for the week there for five days there, continuously working from eight till five, or studying all days.

  • But then, in weekends, you know, they relax.

  • They do more fun activities involving like hiking.

  • I find that's fun because you also need fun in your life because you are a social annual and then for the weeks they work so hard they're responsible.

  • They're more responsible than that.

  • I have thought that they would be the thing I like about my work at global education officers.

  • I get to learn so much about other international students because I work with extreme students.

  • When I'm working with them or interacting with them, I get to learn about them, too.

  • So that is the most interesting part that I feel my work has.



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在新墨西哥大學適應變化 (Adapting to Change at the University of New Mexico)

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