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He's one of the greatest platform ing mascots ever made with Donkey Kong country.
Siri's having so many great levels in them.
We figured we'd under the top 10 best, but there's so many good ones out there.
So to make it a little bit easier on ourselves, we're focusing on just the old school ones.
So hey, I'm nervous.
Next screw text.
Top 10 Retro Donkey Kong Country Loves number 10-K C.
Three really brings the gimmick levels harder than the previous two, but poisons pipeline is so extreme we've got to give it a shoutout.
Polluted waters of this level have some kind of mind altering effect on the apes because the controls get flipped backwards.
No joke.
When we played this game recently, we had a Turner controllers upside down to beat it as Kids Way weren't so smart, and this was one of the most challenging levels in the entire gain.
Getting past urchins all avoiding clownfish, which literally are clownfish, would have been tough enough as it is.
But with flint directional controls, you can forget all about beating this level until you, you know, play it again as a grown up in are smart enough to foot the controller over number.
If you're not very familiar with platformer, it's really important that you respect the rhythm of a level.
It may not be evident to everyone, but even the most plain of two D platform in stages have a rhythm to him.
Kind of like jumps in Moto Cross.
You can get in this rhythm and totally fall into this mode where you become one with the game.
Both classic and new D K C games are graded this, but crackhead clamor doesn't to perfection the tough jumps climbing on the reads, the hugely satisfying bounce you get for landing on the flutters.
It's one of those levels where you can just get in the zone.
You can't tell me you don't feel like you're awesome at D K.
Games When you be Crockett clamor.
That is what a great level is all about.
It's tough to not make a list full of gimmick levels because D.
C two and three or four Solman equality stages that really break up any monotony.
But windy well throws down a new navigation mechanic blowing hard wind up at you, so you have to flow through the stage.
Dodging crooks and bazooka guys seems like not a big deal.
But you've got to appreciate, especially for the time how both apes have standalone animations, the way Dixie's hair blows past her body or the fact that disease animation is completely different.
He's face down doing the Tom Cruise thing.
Yeah, there's quite a few levels that play with new mechanics, but Windy well represents all of them.
I'm gonna commit a horrible crime here and give the screen wiping level not to Castle Crush, but to rip saw rage.
Please don't hate me for me, I guess.
The aesthetic like imagine being inside the trunks of giant redwoods than this 1000 foot tall lumberjack comes up and says, I hate you and then attacks you with a giant saw.
The thing is, this is the kind of saw that's held by two people working together, and it's cutting up the tree as in vertically as in.
That doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, it's more or less the same concept of some other more iconic levels, but it's a dangerously sharp saw trying to kill a baby and his baby sitter.
The anxiety of making it laterally up through multiple trees while not getting caught under hard edges brought the pressure.
And it's both a great and simple aesthetic for a screen whitening level six.
I remember the first time I ever played mine.
Cart carnage.
See, I was a huge fan of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and this was the first time in my life I got to live out the fantasy of writing in a mine cart in an extremely dangerous mine.
The hacker, The cause doing in here like Look at all these damaged carts got sick.
How many lives were lost in this mine shaft?
Well, we're gonna add a couple more.
After all, these years were good enough now to try to beat the level blindfolded.
But that doesn't make it any less of a classic number five.
The D.
Games are all about the jungle.
Yeah, we like to explore icy peaks, desert canyons and even industrial factories.
But those lush tropical environments are what come to mind first when thinking about DK sea levels.
Jungle hijinks is undoubtedly one of the best intra levels in retro gaming.
I mean, it did introduce you to the empty banana hoarding all but we're going with a range attain gang as our jungle level to rep G.
You know those silhouette levels in the more modern D.
K C.
Say hello to your ancestor or rang attain gang features, and you may have guessed a gang of a ranking Tang's that throw barrels at you going from the dusky jungle four to the colorful treetops made me feel like the world of Kong country had an actual day and night cycle.
And with all the obscure bonus rooms that required espresso, the ostrich we spent a lot of time cleaning this one out way kind of threw down a bit over whether this was gonna be higher up on the list than mine cart carnage or not.
But it's the hard truth.
Rickety race is a better level because you're not just trying to survive, you're trying to win.
We don't really have context for the strange version of hell where you race crocodiles on a skull roller coaster than Sanders them into the rail, knock him off the track.
But, man, does it feel good to get that first place victory.
Am I right?
And if you really want the adrenaline pumping, good stuff, activate this little secret.
Yeah, that's right.
Play rickety race like a really try hard and go like 37 times faster than normal speed.
What do do out of the other Kremlin's riding the coaster and cement yourself as a true DK see mine cart champion?
That's rickety.
Race number three.
We've braved jungle ruins, coral reefs and e walk villages.
Then, out of nowhere comes oil drum Alley.
Taking the Kong's into an industrial factory was a crazy departure from what we had seen in the game.
Up to that point, the hanging chains, the fiery barrels and, again, a great soundtrack that combined fast paced ambience with jungle sounding claims.
It really made the Kong's fuel out of their element, and in so the level seems all the more dangerous.
If we hadn't known by then, the D.
Casey's level design with some of the best of all time way, were convinced by Oil Drum Alley, the hardest level in the entire franchise.
And I do mean the fricking hardest, basically a trial by fire that test your skills with each animal buddy.
You will get chewed up and spit back out by animal antics.
Not because of rain be the rhino, not because of squid or the spider, not because of on guard, the sort on guard like a swordsman.
I get it now, but because of squawks, the parents and also Mother Nature cause she like, keeps gusting wind at you while you're navigating this giant bush.
It's like trying to pull something out of your wiener during an earthquake.
Sure, checking out speed runners do.
It's no problem.
But with a flat speed, dissension, bees and deadly environmental hazards, this section is arguably the most challenging in any D K C game.
And that's before one final section with Radley that's also incredibly hard.
Don't you dare call yourself a hardcore D K C player unless you've conquered animal antics.
It's number one, it's 1994 and Donkey Kong country is already the greatest looking game ever made.
Then you get to guerrilla glaciers first level, and everything you know has changed many levels in the Donkey Kong country, games are dedicated to heart wrenching barrel blasting.
One mistimed button press means immediate death.
Most will probably think of DK See twos.
Bramble Blast first, But it doesn't have the magic of Snow barrel blast.
This one introduced icy, slippery platforms, treacherous jumps and included a snowstorm that, along with the soundtrack, cut more intense the further you went changing weather in a Super Nintendo game.
What as tense is this photo would have been on a happy, sunny day, having to navigate these insane obstacles during a blizzard up the tension and locks it in as the best retro DK sea level.


Top 10 Donkey Kong Country Levels (Retro)

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